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Cross Words

What's the deal? No New York Times crossword puzzle, no Car Talk, no News of the Weird in your January 26th issue. The Flyer is fast becoming a mirror of its newsstand price: nothing.

John Harwell


I was shocked not to find the crossword puzzle in your last issue. If this feature has been canceled, I must cancel my free, self-service subscription to the Flyer. We, the aging boomers, need this puzzle to help fend off creeping senility. The daily CA puzzles are too easy. I hope Arthur Prince will read this and join my protest with some eloquent quotes. This is a sad, sad week.

Jon Densford


Editor's note: To readers Harwell, Densford, and the many others who wrote to express their dismay that several features were left out of the classified pages last week -- our apologies. It was a singular occurrence, caused by a last-minute space crunch.

Minimum Wage is Bad

Regarding your article "Minimum Waged" (January 26th issue): Minimum wage hurts younger people and unskilled workers by cutting off the bottom rungs of the employment ladder, making it hard for them to be hired.

Employers can't afford to pay higher wages and benefits, and school-age kids are happy with temporary, low-paying jobs if they are living at home. Higher wage costs for employers are transferred to the public in the form of higher prices, a form of theft. A person can make less than minimum wage, gain skills, and progress upward -- benefiting himself and the employer. Statistics show that minimum wage causes teenage unemployment. This is all brought on by labor union lobbyists trying to eliminate low wages in order to boost their own wages. This is legalized theft that gives politicians votes.Charles Gillihan Memphis

a real threat

The House of Representatives impeached President Clinton for lying under oath about sex. Now, President Bush's willful and imperious usurpation of power poses a far more real threat to our republic. By authorizing secret spying on our fellow citizens without a warrant or court order, he has clearly violated the surveillance law passed by Congress in the wake of Watergate.

The testimony of two earlier authorities tragically suggests that the process of declension from a republic to a military empire has already gone too far. "Beware the leader who beats the drums of war," said Caesar, "for the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up their rights unto the leader and gladly so."

Where are our leaders, our lovers of liberty, when the rule of law stands in such peril?

M.L. Wilson


Barry Good

I found Bruce VanWyngarden's editor's note about Barry Goldwater very interesting (January 26th issue). And for once in your paper I did not see an immediate show of liberal political leanings. I also have studied Goldwater and feel he was an underrated and underappreciated politician.

Goldwater was right when he said every Christian "should kick Falwell in the ass." Falwell no more represents Christianity than Jesse Jackson represents the average black man or woman or Gloria Steinem represents the average woman. True conservatism or liberalism are not that simple, nor are they very often seen these days.

Morgan Parks



Mayor Herenton has denied repeated requests for an extension of the lease for the Mid-South Fair and Libertyland. According to Pete Aviotti, special assistant to the mayor, the fair's request for a 10-year lease so that new rides could be added was countered by the city's proposal: a year-to-year lease for the past decade. It's no surprise that Libertyland has suffered due to this leasing limbo.

When Herenton was asked to meet with Save Libertyland!, he said, "Meeting with you folks would be a complete waste of my time." Sad, since the biggest waste of time will come this summer, when hundreds of inner-city youths attempt to find nonexistent jobs.

Denise Parkinson

Co-chair, Save Libertyland!


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