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equal time

Since you featured Rosalind Kurita in your March 9th cover story ("Pushing On"), it might be appropriate to feature Harold Ford Jr. in a future issue of the Flyer. Ford has bravely broken with the Bush administration on several recent issues. How about giving him some credit when he does something right?

Becki Barnhardt


Editor's note: The Flyer's coverage of the race for senator from Tennessee has included several stories about Congressman Ford -- and the other candidates -- and it will continue do so throughout the campaign.


I enjoyed John Branston's City Beat, "Elvis, ETA's and CKX," in the March 9th issue. I don't think that any of us should underestimate the brilliance of Robert F.X. Sillerman, since he is said to be an Elvis fan himself and, therefore, surely knows what Elvis fans want. Elvis tribute artists (ETAs) play an important role in the Elvis world. For the most part, these guys work very hard and are polished performers who only want to show their loyalty and admiration for the world's greatest and most beloved entertainer.

I've met people of all ages, from many different countries, who knew nothing about Elvis until they saw an ETA in concert. It made them curious and now they are as devoted as the rest of us. Once they are here in Memphis, of course, they are going to spend their money and will return. ETAs help keep Elvis Presley's legacy alive.

June Robertson


Considering the massive investment Robert Sillerman has planned for Elvis Presley's Graceland and the surrounding area, is it not time the Memphis City Council went ahead with my "Elvis Presley International Airport, Memphis" idea, as soon as possible?

I now have six grandaughters and a great-grandson, so the idea may persist for quite a while.

Maurice Colgan

Dublin, Ireland

Editor's note: Mr. Colgan writes frequently and tirelessly regarding the renaming of the Memphis airport.


One day when we're all old or dead, our grandkids will chuckle condescendingly about how there was this big deal back in '06 regarding a movie about a pimp and the entertainers who won an Oscar for a song in said movie.

Congratulations to Juicy J, DJ Paul, and Frayser Boy, not just for the Oscar but for a 10-year-plus career of interesting music and old-fashioned grindin'.

Will Ferrell



I was glad to see the article about saving Libertyland (March 2nd issue), and I am encouraged that there is support for keeping the park operating.

I'm not a native Memphian, so it's not nostalgia that caused the dismay I felt when I learned of its closing. It's the fact that Libertyland provided a fun, affordable place for a family outing. When my grandson was a toddler and we first discovered it, I thought I'd found the best-kept secret in Memphis.

Each year when my grandson and I would go for the first time, he would run to the yardsticks to see what rides he had grown big enough to ride.

I urge everyone who cares about having an affordable, fun place in Memphis to take the family to contact their council representative. Let's give Libertyland a chance to make a comeback.

Jane Ward


Twenty years ago, a group of activist citizens took on city officials to save a vital, historic Memphis landmark: the Overton Park Shell. Now, another group of activists is doing a great job of making the public aware of the importance of saving a wonderful, historic park by creating an opportunity for the city to broker with a professional park-management firm that knows how to turn around a theme park.

The effort to save Libertyland is another example of how city officials don't seem to appreciate Memphis history. Everyday Memphians are always the ones who get the ball rolling when it comes to historic preservation.

Randy Norwood


Correction: A hyphen was inadvertently added to the Musician's Advisory Council Web site in the March 9th issue. The correct address is MemphisMusicians.org.

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