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Appropriate Role?

With regard to the Terri Schiavo case, Senator Frist maintains that his role in that situation was "appropriate" and that it is the role of government "to protect the most vulnerable in our society ... the people who can't speak for themselves" (Politics, April 6th issue). If that is Frist's stance, then where was he when little 6-month-old Sun Hudson had his medical care stopped and he died in his mother's arms that same week?

Senator Frist will never admit that that congressional interference in the Schiavo case was politically motivated. Otherwise, Frist and every member of Congress would, even now, be very busy working on behalf of the thousands of people who face the same life-and-death medical decisions every day in this country. Anyone who doesn't see the hypocrisy and the politcal, self-serving motives in Frist's stance is truly deluded or is blind to any sort of truth.

Many people who claim to be "right-to-life" are only concerned about a fetus until it exits the womb. War (how many civilian casualties in Iraq were pregnant women?), the death penalty, and genocide and starvation in Africa are okay. As Sister Joan Chittister, a Benedictine nun, has said, such people are not "pro-life," they are only "pro-birth."

Sylvia Cox Memphis

Take Me to the River

Kudos to Mary Cashiola for her coverage of Ann Coulter's and Ken Hays' recent visit to Memphis to explain how Chattanooga has made its riverfront more user-friendly (In the Bluff, April 6th issue). The photo accompanying the article told it all: Hundreds of people were enjoying a canoeing/kayaking event from Ross' Landing, Chattanooga's equivalent to our public promenade. Not one person was viewing the event from a private office or apartment or retail store. What was wrong with the picture? Nothing.

Let's hope the members of our City Council and the Riverfront Development Corporation start moving in the right direction and realize the importance of discarding Cooper/Robertson's expensive proposal to build apartments and offices on our public promenade.

Hite McLean


Bush Lovin'

It is like listening to fingernails scraping a blackboard every time I read your "Bush lied" mantra (Editor's Note, April 6th issue). You ignore completely that every head of state in the world believed the same thing Bush did about Saddam Hussein, including your sainted Bill Clinton.

When it comes to the safety of this country I am equally glad that both Gore and Kerry were defeated. At least we have a president who does not lead the country by poll numbers.

Can you give the public the Democratic agenda, other than hate Bush? When you can give us some concrete facts and a competent candidate, you might get more votes.

Frankie Guinle


Regarding the editor's "stop ranting" piece: How much military time has he spent? And where is he getting all his information about this war? If his sources are local newspapers and CBS, NBC, or ABC, then he is a very misled individual. If he thinks that Osama is just about Afghanistan, then he is absolutely crazy. If we killed Osama tomorrow and totally destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, even Saudi Arabia would have people who hate us enough to attack us.

I've been out of this country several times. Every one hates us! But they love our money. When you join the Army or the National Guard (I served in both), you take an oath to protect your country. So spend your time thanking them instead of ridiculing what they are risking their lives for -- our freedom!

Richard Johnson



Good grief! One week the Flyer goofs by saying I was the founder of the Memphis Business Journal, and the next week a letter writer implies I had zilch to do with it! Well, as the Flyer's staff and owners struggle over this piece of trivia, allow me to correct a real mistake: Ward Archer was not 61 but 59 when he and his wife, Louise, drafted the original incorporation papers, and he was 60 when we put out the first issue of Mid-South Business in May 1979.

In the future, let's just say I was gratefully present at the birth.

Barney DuBois


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