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Gay Marriage

Your latest editor's note (June 8th issue) was critical of the members of the U.S. Senate wasting time debating the need for a constitutional amendment defining marriage. I look at this subject in a different way. If our senators don't know the simple things, such as when life begins (which my seventh-grade biology class explained was at conception) or the definition of marriage (which they can look up in any dictionary), should we trust them making complex, life-changing decisions on our health care and other matters of national importance? I don't think so.

Woody Thompson


The right wing of American politics is once again trying to impose its morals on the rest of us. Gay marriage? Who cares? Those of us in the middle ground should stand up and be counted.

I want a strong military, secure borders, good police with laws that are enforced fairly, and a sensible fuel policy. I want people to be allowed to practice their religion in peace and not impose it on others. I want politicians to do their jobs and look after the people they were chosen to represent, instead of "waltzing" with the feds.

Yes, I am willing to pay reasonable taxes for the above. Does this sound like you? Then speak out.

Peter Lyons


High School Mix-up

Regarding the June 8th cover story ("High School Confidential"): Honestly, I can understand how you could get mixed up. I mean, what are the odds of two Kacky Waltons living in the same town?

I was honored to be included in your cover story, but I have to confess, I'm not "homegrown talent." My senior picture is actually in a yearbook from Lee Academy in Clarksdale, Mississippi. People have been getting the Hutchison Kacky Walton and me confused for 13 years now. Thanks for giving us both another laugh.

Kacky Walton



Pancho's Dip

I read Bianca Phillips' story about Pancho's in which she mentioned that their cheese dip is available in nine Southern states. I live in Atlanta. Does she know if it's distributed here? They used to carry it in Destin, Florida, but now I can't find it there either.

Thanks for the interesting article about this often-maligned West Memphis institution!

Eddie Hardin

Atlanta, Georgia

Editor's note: Bianca Phillips reports that Pancho's dip is available in Georgia. For specific locations, you might want to contact Pancho's.

Save the Internet!

The House of Representatives has stuck a dagger in the heart of American democracy by voting to compromise Internet neutrality. It is time for the American people to save the Internet before the Senate approves a similar version of this odious proposal.

Corporations such as Verizon, Bell South, and Comcast, acting in cahoots with congressional shills, want to eliminate the First Amendment for the Internet. A principle called "network neutrality" will give these companies the means to squeeze small content providers -- and all users -- for more money by manipulating the access and flow of information.

The American people can't let this happen. Free and neutral Internet access is good for small business, grass-roots political activism, and independent journalism. This is why disparate social entities such as religious groups, firearms advocates, and progressive journalists are joining forces to preserve network neutrality.  

Implementing a technologically unnecessary, financially motivated screening scheme will reward those who pay a premium with easier Net access. Meanwhile, this gimmick will discourage those who can't afford the added expense that will invariably be charged by the communications companies. Complete control of the Internet by corporate behemoths is bad for business, free expression, and democracy. 

Sadly, congressional members have been trading favors and scarfing campaign donations from the telecoms for too long. Let Congress know what a bad idea it is to kill off the Internet's network neutrality.

John M. KowalskiCanaan, New York

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