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Crime and Punishment

What does it take for the mayor to see that his "crime fighter" police director Larry Godwin is just not getting the job done? How many kids have to die in the streets before we see what the real problem is and what the real solution is?  Godwin is more concerned with how his officers dress than how they fight crime. He systematically dismantled units that were making a stand against the rise in crime and gang violence

[Operation] Blue CRUSH, with its suspect stats showing large numbers of arrests, has faded to a pale baby blue. Gang violence is the catalyst that fans the fires of crime. When are we going to pull our heads out of the mud and realize that we must fight gang violence with a combined effort of leaders who have the safety of the citizens of Memphis and Shelby County foremost in mind?

Hundreds of murders, robberies, and assaults were solved by the Mero Gang Unit before Godwin eliminated it. The morale of the department has fallen under his leadership. He is known as the "fashion cop" by many among the rank and file of the department because he seems more concerned about uniforms than crimes in the streets of Memphis.

We need to combine our forces and take the streets back. Now.Andrew RushMemphis

Leon Gray

All I can say about Leon Gray's departure from WWTQ (Air America Radio) is that Mike Fleming and his reactionary listeners must be overjoyed at this unfortunate situation. I am a white liberal who has listened to and promoted WWTQ since it began in Memphis. I found Gray to be a fair-minded and objective host. I wish him Godspeed in what he does next in his career. He will be sorely missed by this listener.

Wilson Guthrie Jr.


Taking a Stand?

I read where Democratic Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. said that if he had been in the Senate he would have voted in favor of the "flag-burning" amendment to the Constitution. Of course, he issued his press release the day after the vote, when it was safe to "take a stand" without suffering any consequences one way or the other.

I keep waiting for Ford to show some semblance of any core beliefs that align with traditional Democratic Party values. I suspect I'll be waiting for a long time. He's content to pander, along with his Republican rivals, hoping those in his own party don't notice his sheep's clothing.



Short and Sweet

Bruce Carlock of Nashville (Letters to the Editor, June 22nd issue) is a douche bag.

Jay Feinstein

Washington, D.C.

Imitation Road Babe?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say, so thank you for the "Hit the Road" cover (June 15th issue). But if you had just called me, you could have had a picture of a real "road babe" in a true classic car (with at least a 390 engine). I would have done it for a compliment, so why did you waste your gas on a cover shot of a cheap-wigged, old hipster?

Remember, "life is short and sweet, so put the pedal to the metal now and let the good (and true) good times roll." (That's a quote from my book, Road Babe, by the way.)

Eva Morris


The Essence of a Man

Thank you for "Bill Herrington," a meaningful editorial (June 1st issue).

In 52 words, you so very beautifully captured the essence of the man and what his devoted wife Shirley meant to him. You concluded, "His life, too, was an art." So was your sweet editorial. Have a pleasant summer.

Arthur H. Prince


Editor's note: We have learned in the past week that our most loyal and inveterate Flyer letter-writer, Arthur Prince, is battling a serious health problem. We hope Flyer readers will join us in wishing a speedy recovery to Mr. Prince.

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