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The 9th District

A few days ago, I participated in early voting. I waded through 14 pages of nearly 300 candidates to vote only for a few that I felt would actually attempt to carry out their campaign promises. The race that really disappointed me was the one for 9th District congressional seat.

Here is my dilemma: The most qualified person in the race is not one of the 11 black candidates running to represent the 59 percent black district. The most qualified person is a Jewish man from the culturally and racially mixed area of Midtown -- Steve Cohen. Cohen fought for the Tennessee lottery, which funds the Hope Scholarships that aid in sending Tennessee's children to college.

Harold Ford Sr. was elected because he was black, and so was Harold Ford Jr. I am tired of this. My district needs someone who is qualified beyond race and family connectedness.

Marico D. Rivers


Gimme a Break

Regarding "Hammers of the God," by Chris Davis (July 13th issue): For those who remember the story of Samson, maybe we could get Delilah to cut the hair of the members of the Power Team.

Since when have any of Jesus' teachings included shows of earthly physical power? Gimme a break! All that money and energy could be better spent following Jesus' instructions to "feed my sheep."

Cheryl M. Dare


City Charter etc.

I was happy to learn that Flyer senior editor John Branston is running for the City Charter Commission. His views as expressed in his column make sense to me, although I do not always agree with him.

On the other hand, county sheriff candidate Reginald French did not make much sense to me during his debate with Sheriff Luttrell last week. French said nothing out of the ordinary, and, at the end of the debate, he was almost pleading for the voters to give him a second chance at a well-compensated government job.

James E. Easter


Leon Wasn't Progressive

I can't believe all the positive letters about Leon Gray in the Flyer (July 6th issue). "Fair-minded and objective"? Please. And I am not a Mike Fleming listener. I'm a liberal.

Leon Gray could not engage in a meaningful conversation with someone who disagreed with him. It often turned into a shouting match with Leon repeating his favorite phrase: "We can sing together but we can't talk together." It almost always ended with Gray cutting the other person off.

The man was also shockingly ignorant. Not only was he a proponent of creationism and Biblical literalism, he showed contempt for the scientific method and actually uttered these words in response to a caller: "You white people think you can explain everything." I think we all know what would have happened if the races of caller and host had been reversed.

Leon Gray was a horrible choice for a so-called "progressive" radio station, and if he's the best they can come up with, I implore the management at 680-AM to just let us listen to Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy.

John E. Cox


cross opinions

Regarding the letters about the World Overcomers Church's revised Statue of Liberty (July 13th issue): Steve Carpenter writes, "I seriously doubt that Lady Liberty and all that she represents will be diminished by some tacky statue on Winchester." Wrong. In fact, this replica shows us that what Lady Liberty represents has already been diminished. Though I'm offended, I can be an American and live with it, just as I can live with people burning the American flag.

And when Ivison R. Bedard claims that "Like it or not, the Founding Fathers were Christians," he's simply wrong. The majority of them were deists, proponents of the Enlightenment -- the biggest push towards rationalism and secularism in the history of humankind. In the pre-Darwinian 18th century, they may as well have been atheists. And they fought long and hard to make sure America had no official religion and was not known as a Christian nation.Michael ForsytheMemphis

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