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I was planning to financially support Harold Ford Jr.'s campaign for the U.S. Senate and volunteer to work for him. Since reading Jackson Baker's column in the Flyer (Politics, September 14th issue), I am having second thoughts. Steve Cohen was not my first choice for the 9th District U.S. representative nomination, but he did win in an honorable way, and I believe he will seek to represent the interests of the majority of his constituents.

I have been a Harold Ford Jr. supporter since I lived in Memphis. I backed him in 1996 over Cohen because I thought of him as a new Democrat who would look out for the interests of all the citizens of District 9. I urge Ford to reconsider his refusal to endorse the straight Democratic ticket and to do so as soon as possible.

Wilson Guthrie


The War on Terror

I am getting sick and tired of people comparing the time it took to win WWII to the time we have spent on the war on terror (Editor's Note, September 14th issue). If you want to compare the two wars, I have a few other stats the Flyer can compare: The U.S. lost about 407,000 KIA in WWII. In the war on terror after five years, the U.S. has lost around 3,000 KIA. So the war on terror would have to last at least another 600 years to approach the number of U.S. deaths in WWII. 

During WWII, the U.S. had about 17 divisions deployed in Europe and another 13 in the Pacific, committing at least 10 million troops to the war effort, supported by a national draft. As far as the financial cost of the war, according to the National Review, the war in Iraq is one of the least expensive wars in American history, currently accounting for about 2 percent of one year's GDP, whereas WWII accounted for 130 percent of one year's GDP.

If the Flyer really compares the two wars, I think you will find we are doing much better now than in WWII.

Philip ToddCordova

This week we learned that Brigadier General Mark Scheid, chief of the Logistics War Plans Division and one of the people with primary responsibility for war planning, claimed that Secretary Rumsfeld said he "would fire the next person" who mentioned planning for post-war Iraq.

So not only did [this administration] purposely mislead us into this fiasco, they apparently did not plan for or envision the inevitable aftermath of our invasion. This almost rivals the fact that, just weeks prior to the war, George Bush did not realize that Iraq was composed of Shiites and Sunnis. He just thought "the Iraqis were Muslims."

Republicans in the House and Senate will continue to support the White House party line. As voters, we have the ultimate power and responsibility to change course. Will we endorse their failed policies or demand accountability?

Jim GibbyChattanooga

Air America

In regard to the reorganization of Air America and the laying off of employees: Those guys are professional Bush-bashers. One program last week had a guest who complained that everyone is blaming everything on Clinton. Air America hosts are doing precisely the same thing by blaming everything on Bush. Therefore, they are professional hypocrites. No wonder George Soros and some of the other liberal wing-nuts refused to sponsor Air America's compulsive abuse of the president. Why don't they move to a country whose president they admire, like Castro in Cuba or Putin in Russia or Chavez in Venezuela? Or, maybe they just prefer to bash people who are making a good-faith effort to build a richer and safer country. That is what turns them on. Sickos.

Phillip StephensonMemphis


Seems to me that there is ample moral justification for abortion. How about aborting the president's ill-conceived plan to destroy the time-proven efficacy of Social Security and Medicare? Wouldn't it be prudent to abort unnecessary, wasteful spending and lack of accountability in the out-of-control Defense Department budget? And how about aborting the incompetent leadership in the Bush administration? Surely it would be prudent to abort the president's harebrained scheme to permanently reduce taxes for the richest among us and instead to raise taxes accordingly to pay for his war.

Better yet, why don't we promptly abort the president's reign of error and impeach him? 

Paul G. JaehnertVadnais Heights, Minnesota

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