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Sorry, Elvis

On behalf of the Pink Palace Family of Museums, I want to apologize for a very inappropriate advertisement that appeared in the Flyer's August 2nd issue. The ad was disrespectful to everyone associated with Elvis Presley Enterprises, to Presley's family, and to Presley's many fans. Without attempting to excuse the ad, it was a mistake that slipped through our review process. In no way does it reflect our values or the regard we have for what Elvis Presley contributed to our community and the world.

Steve Pike Director of Museums

Pink Palace Family of Museums

Another Fan for Tim

I've started reading the Flyer regularly, and I'd like to say that you guys do a great job. I'm a 19-year-old student at Rhodes College who is politically moderate, and I like the fact that the Flyer generally gives a straightforward political opinion from both sides of the spectrum.

Yet in the July 26th issue Tim Sampson's "Rant" was childish and one-sided. He started off by stating that he was tired of hearing about President Bush's colonoscopy. I hoped that the article would go on to point out that the media generally concentrates on the wrong issues. I continued reading only to find out that the entire article was about one thing only: Bush's colon.

Besides making infantile jokes about our leader's colon, Sampson made a terribly offensive remark about Ann Coulter's inability to "get pregnant more than once." Now, I don't like Coulter, but I would never make a personal attack like that on her. I'm pretty sure the Flyer never would either, and I hope that this was an isolated incident.

Sampson then goes on to imply that Bush is homosexual because he got a colonoscopy and then had breakfast with a man while his wife was away. I thought that teasing someone for being gay would never be accepted in the Flyer.

I'm sorry that I took the time to read this article and that it showed up in a publication that represents Memphis so well. I hope you don't publish anything along those lines again.

Ferrell Varner


Gonzo and George

After watching Alberto Gonzales' testimony before the Senate committee last week, my "B.S. meter" was pushing toward the danger zone. As part of his takeover of all government departments intended to uncover wrongdoing, Bush has masterfully appointed Gonzales as his point man to manufacture a "stealth coup" without firing a shot.

With Gonzales clearing the way, Bush has managed to front-load the whole government with political hacks and cronies. He can now break any law he feels like without consequences and generally ignore anybody who calls for accountability.

When the rule of law becomes a secondary consideration, Gonzales fits in perfectly. If he cares about the law at all, it's the law of the jungle, where the weak become fodder for the strong. When and if there is another terrorist strike on America, Bush can impose his global vision without obstruction. And all the progressives out there can kiss their sweet ass goodbye.

I can imagine Cheney and Rove plotting in some underground bunker and laughing with glee as they get their waterboards ready for Cindy Sheehan, Russ Feingold, and Michael Moore.

Lance Tracker


An apathetic, inattentive electorate has given us an administration which represents a nightmare trifecta for any democracy: incompetence, deception, and corruption.

The next time, my fellow citizens, a faux "good ol' boy" you'd "like to have a beer with" swaggers onto the national scene, by all means buy him a cold one, but please don't elect him president!

Jay Sheffield


Vacation Time

It's true that the Iraqi parliament has left for a month-long vacation (editor's note, August 2nd issue), but Iraq's chaos, death, and disunity are not taking a vacation. Our troops in Iraq will not be taking a much-needed vacation from being killed, dismembered, psychologically wounded, and separated from their families. And here in this country, we will not enjoy a vacation from the threat of terrorism, which our intelligence agencies tell us is increasing due to our occupation of Iraq.

But George W. Bush will go on his long vacation on his Texas ranch — and will continue his "vacation" from listening to the American people.

Doug Long

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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