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Elvis: 1935-2007

I started to read the editor's column in last week's Flyer (August 9th issue), but I decided I would go right to the article on Elvis ("Elvis: 1935-2007"). As I read the article, I was asking myself, Who in the heck did the research on this piece? And then I remembered a little hook in the editor's note. I went back and read it and realized that I was reading one nifty little work of fiction.

My compliments to the two writers, Greg Akers and Chris Herrington, because they spent way too many nights at the Western Steakhouse and Lounge doing research. Elvis may "have left the building," but he will always be a part of Memphis.

Neil Aird


I have to say that last week's cover story on Elvis' "life" was one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking stories I've ever read. Thanks for doing "something different." It made my day. And I imagine it will also make the day of many of the folks who will be in Memphis for Elvis' big celebration week. Wish I could be there too.

Leslie Mason

St. Louis, Missouri

In July, my wife and I went to visit my daughter, who is living in Honolulu. We had made plans to travel to several of the other islands, and on the day we were leaving for Maui, the morning paper had an insert about the entertainment industry in Hawaii unveiling and dedicating a bigger-than-life-size statue of Elvis to commemorate his historic worldwide concert telecast from Hawaii.

We missed the dedication. However, upon our return to Honolulu, I called the entertainment office to ask where the statue was located. (I thought I'd get a picture.) When I told the lady we were from Memphis, you would have thought we were part of the "Memphis Mafia." She invited us for a personal tour and told us about the events they had going on throughout the islands — movies, concerts, look-alike contest, etc. In addition, she gave us a lei to place on the statue. Aloha!

Jim and Beverly Thomas Memphis

Ron Paul

Jackson Baker's article on the rise of the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul (Politics, August 9th issue) because of his opposition to "foreign wars" does not mention his promise to abolish the IRS. I am not sure it's ever been clear as to whether he intends to simply rename the government agency that collects federal taxes or abolish federal taxes. Doing the latter will certainly put a timely end to the war in Iraq. It may, on the other hand, make things a bit awkward when we are invaded by Canada and Mexico after the Army has disbanded.  

Clary Lunsford Memphis

Illegal Immigration

Once again, the president who has ignored immigration laws for six years claims he will start to enforce existing laws. The secretary of homeland security predicts dire economic fallout. Anytime this president is forced to enforce the law, we hear this kind of Chicken Little talk. 

Bush still insists on claiming illegal immigrants perform jobs Americans will not do. I wonder who built all the homes and great cities of America before he allowed millions of illegals to pour across our borders? Who were the meat packers in the Midwest? Who were the people who worked in hotels and motels? I am sick of Bush putting down the American worker. If this president was worried about our jobs and security, he would have taken steps right after 9/11 to secure our borders. No one knows how many terrorists and dangerous gang members have crossed those borders. 

The real danger to the American economy is our government's partnership with the Chinese — a partnership that has resulted in the world's largest trade deficit and a partnership that has been the cash cow for funding the Iraq war. Only 16 more months of the most incompetent president in our history.     

Jack Bishop


Editor's note: In last week's "Food News" column, we ran an incorrect phone number for Memphis Shopping Bag. The correct number is 484-4054.

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