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Best of Memphis

Once again, the Flyer's "Best of Memphis" issue has both entertained and infuriated me. I realize that polling is an imperfect art and the (sometimes) lowest common denominator will determine the winner. And yes, I like Huey's hamburgers.

But seriously, how can a multi-million-dollar golf course such as Spring Creek Ranch possibly be tied (for third-best golf course) with a goat track like Overton Park? And how can a pedestrian "Italian" restaurant like Pete and Sam's possibly be in consideration for "Best Italian" in the same garlic breath as Ronnie Grisanti's?

I could go on: "Best Service" had Texas de Brazil first, followed by Chick-Fil-A??? Holy crap! That's just insane. And Mud Island Amphitheater winning third in "Best Place To Hear Live Music"? Yeah, like what, twice a year?

I know the Flyer doesn't have any control over the voting, but, people, please — show some common sense!

Ricky Gardner


I want to know how Geoff Calkins and Wendi Thomas win "Best Columnist" every year when the Flyer offers us such stellar and superior talents as Jackson Baker, John Branston, Mary Cashiola, and Bruce VanWyngarden?

Haven't you people ever heard of stuffing the ballot?

Mary Warren


War Ethics

As I watched the excellent PBS Ken Burns series The War this past two weeks, I was struck how American expectations and standards seem to have changed since World War II. Think about what President Bush is reviled for in Iraq.  

Under an order signed by Roosevelt, well over 100,000 U.S. citizens — mostly based solely on their race — were sent to concentration camps and much of their property was stolen. For years after Pearl Harbor, Americans weren't told the extent of our losses in men and ships. GIs in Europe, three years after we got into the war, had such lousy equipment to fight in winter, they were stealing from the German dead to try to keep from freezing.

The Allies killed 35,000 German civilians in one night in one city. A million Japanese civilians were burned out of their homes in one day in one city. German Army prisoners were executed out of hand, and an experienced U.S. soldier protesting this was warned he might get shot too.

"Intelligence failure" hardly seems an adequate term for the massive surprise military attack on Pearl Harbor after FDR had been in office for years. Of course, the U.S. in 1940-'41 had a military smaller than Romania's, years after Germany and Japan were arming to the teeth.

If you don't like Bush, fine — there's a lot not to be happy with. But maybe think about what you accept without reservation in one president before you curse another.

Herbert E. Kook Jr. Germantown

Air America

Because I still mourn the loss of Air America Radio, I am writing in response to the letter from the gentleman in Germantown ("Letters," September 27th issue) and his reference to a "disgruntled" listener (and the three other listeners).

There were actually a lot more than three listeners and would probably have been many more if we had been made aware Air America wasn't going to be available in our area. He mentions "hate," and I won't say there wasn't some in evidence, but I guess it was just the wrong flavor for him, because I didn't hear it directed at homosexuals, minorities, pro-choicers, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, or war protestors.

The "bile" being spewed was more directed at those who were perceived to be failing in their duty to protect and defend our Constitution and to respect our country as a nation of laws. How can dissent be un-American? Is that not what created this country? I would ask the gentleman, and anyone else, if you had been around in 1776, would you have stood with the king or the colonists?

Linda Cowart Germantown

Iran and the U.S.

I keep hoping the damage the elected heads of state of Iran and the U.S. can do is reaching its limits.

It is a sad commentary on democracy when an "Ahmadina-Bush" is chosen. For my part, I vow never to vote for a Republican again, as I did in several races in the last general election.

Let's send a message and work to take back our country from the election thieves of 2000!

Greg Williams


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