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Thanks, Jackson

Thank you for Jackson Baker's excellent reporting from New Hampshire (January 10th issue). As usual, he was more perceptive than most of the national media.

The Clinton-Obama race should be very interesting. Many of us hope for a Clinton-Obama ticket — or an Obama-Clinton ticket, for that matter. Why not achieve two historic firsts in the same presidential election? How sweet it is that the best candidates in the overall presidential field happen to be a woman and an African-American!

The strongest GOP candidate by far is John McCain, a good and decent man who clearly isn't the right person to lead our country into the future, given his stubborn and wrongheaded support of the Iraq fiasco. But McCain has a conscience — on torture, on immigration, etc. — and that makes him unsuitable to the rabid right, so he is unlikely to win the nomination anyway.

The desperation of the Republican pundits and right-wing radio lackeys is palpable, and that of course is wonderful news for America. Hillary Clinton is reviled and disparaged and ridiculed by these folks as "unprepared for office," but she's not going to be intimidated by this Rovian garbage. After all, how can you take people seriously if they voted for George W. Bush — twice — and have just now decided that it matters whether someone is qualified and prepared for the job?

Whatever you think about Hillary, she is very knowledgeable about the issues and very well-prepared for this job and would be an extremely formidable opponent for any of the Republican candidates.

Bush has arguably been the worst president in American history. Thank goodness we are nearing the end of his disastrous years in office.

B. Keith English


Tom Tomorrow

Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" is normally right on point. But Tom may have missed The New York Times' intent in his cartoon in the January 10th issue. By hiring William Kristol, the Times ensures the light will shine on the misinformation and outright lies he will deliver once a week. It will allow Americans to be exposed to the inner working of the neocon minds and their twisted reality. 

It's a reality where a middle class is not needed, where education and health care are intended for the few, where tax rates are lower for the paper pushers on Wall Street than for the working class. It's a reality where if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes national policy, where after an attack on the country you fail to secure your own borders and allow millions of illegal immigrants in. It's a reality where we pull troops out of the main battlefield in Afghanistan, against those who attacked us, to wage a war the neocons had planned for in advance.

I believe the Times has done us a favor by allowing the lies and twisted reality that spews forth from neocons like Kristol to be heard.

Jack Bishop


Morality Issues

In the Flyer's Annual Manual (January 3rd issue), the Magic 2008 Ball asked, "If strippers are forced to wear pasties, will crime go down?" The author suggests that it would be legislating morality if they have to wear such things. The fact is, all law is legislated morality. The question is: Whose morality is being legislated? Laws against theft, murder, slander, libel, rape, etc. imply morality of a sort. Laws always involve a view of behavior, either good or bad or right or wrong. These are necessarily issues of morality.

Charles Gillihan


Happy New Year

I know I am not the first, but I certainly don't want to be the last, to wish the Flyer the very best that this New Year may have for us all. I must add that I am impressed with the Flyer website. It is easy to navigate and a real joy. There is one thing that I am not sure about though: The "Blogs We Like" section seems to be mainly populated by left-leaning Memphians.

Would it be too much to ask for you to find a conservative blogger that you like? Or can I assume that I will have to start blogging and hope that you like me for such a voice to be heard? At any rate, keep up the wonderful job you do in keeping your readers informed and sometimes agitated!

Frank M. Boone


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