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"Checked Out"

It was with much delight that I read Mary Cashiola's article "Checked Out" (January 31st issue). As a library system employee from 1993 to 2000, news of the departure of Judith Drescher, Sallie Johnson, and Val Crook made me smile.

I never thought I would give kudos to King Willie, but, whether his motives were pocketbook or political, he did a service to the city. I don't believe the well-meaning folks of the Friends of the Library actually realize how much manpower and money have been wasted over the years by mismanagement.

The library system should be run like a business. I hope the "Huey, Louie, and Dewey decimal system" days are over!

Surely the main library, its branches, WYPL-FM, and the Library Channel will now have their finest days ahead!

Michael Porter


Barack Rules

Senator Barack Obama is more than simple catchphrases like "Yes, we can," "Change you can believe in," or even "Si, se puede." While these phrases do represent his campaign, he has the intelligence and ability to lead this country toward real change and to show the world that we are again capable of being the superpower we once were.

It's important to me to have a government that doesn't lie to the people about what's going on and that looks out for the people before looking out for companies and special interests. Obama wants to restore the rights of American citizens while keeping us safe. It is indeed possible for us to maintain our rights and still remain safe and on the lookout for terror.

Obama believes that our government should be open and transparent and that a government that was founded "for the people, by the people" needs to be returned to the people. Obama is a visionary who has the capability, ingenuity, integrity, knowledge, and yes, experience to return our country to greatness.

Tiffany N. Mitchell


Hillary is Proven

People should vote for the best candidate — Hillary Clinton — without regard to gender. Some men are not comfortable with the idea of a woman as president, but I say to you guys: "Could you look your mother, wife, or daughter in the eye and tell her you wouldn't vote for her because she is a woman?" Do the right thing for your family and your country and vote for the best person to straighten out our country after eight years of Republican ruin, especially when it comes to the economy.

Barack Obama says he is the agent of change, but a vote for him is spelled c-h-a-n-c-e, because he is unproven as a leader. He has shown himself unable to accept criticism, so he cannot take the heat of the Republicans in a general election. Nor can he compromise enough to unite his own party in Congress, as Hillary can. Vote for a lady as tough as she is caring, a woman who can make change really happen.

Arnold Traines


Right-Wing Manure?

Columnist and Fox News "analyst" Charles Krauthammer is spreading some more right-wing manure. He wants us to believe that President Bush has kept us safe from terrorist attack. He claims that John McCain will do the same.

Using Krauthammer's reasoning, President Clinton also protected us from attack, since after the 1993 assault on the Twin Towers, there were no further attacks until after Bush was elected. But the facts don't fit Krauthammer's spin.

Unlike W, Clinton got the perpetrator and did so without going to war against the wrong country and putting targets on the backs of thousands of young American men and women. He did it without creating a debt so large that our grandchildren will have to pay it off. This debt and the drain on our military caused by Bush and his neocon friends have left America weakened to the point that it may take decades to repair the damage. 

Now here comes a true American hero, Senator McCain, who once knew how to defend our country. Unfortunately, McCain has become another Bushie. Taxes will stay low for the super-rich, while spending for the wrong war will continue.

Jack Bishop


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