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Consolidation is Dangerous

Regarding the editorial "Sham Meetings" in the April 24th issue about the meetings on city/county consolidation: We should have as many checks and balances as possible to prevent tyranny and irresponsible leaders. Shelby County has different cities and jurisdictions with many different interests and needs. Forcing everyone into a solitary "oneness" destroys this diversity.

We have unity at the state level, therefore, there is no need for the county to consolidate. Just by studying the history of Memphis' problems, one can learn the dangers of too much consolidation.

Charles Gillihan



Chris Herrington's generally negative review of the Rolling Stones' exciting, entertaining new movie, Shine a Light (Film, April 3rd issue), is more about the reviewer's prejudices than it is an objective analysis of the movie.

What director Martin Scorsese has done in Shine a Light is give us a celebration of the Rolling Stones in concert. The fact that these guys have still got it at the age of 60-plus is incredible and deserves to be documented on film. The band's longevity, commitment, and creativity continue to fascinate and inspire the world.

As far as the musical guest stars (Jack White, Buddy Guy, and Christine Aquilera), each performer fit in well with the Stones on their particular song. But Guy and the Stones on the revelatory "Champagne and Reefer" showed just how down and dirty the blues can get.

Randy Norwood


Our 1,000th Issue

Congratulations to the Flyer for making it to its 1,000th issue (April 24th). I've been reading the paper faithfully since the early 1990s, and I remember enjoying Dennis Freeland's stellar sports columns. He is truly missed on the local sports scene. And while I don't always agree with Tim Sampson's "rants," I never fail to read them, and he usually gives me a chuckle, at least.

It's just one man's opinion, but I think the paper is probably better than ever these days. Here's to your next 1,000!

Pat Robinson



Michigan and Florida defied the Democratic Party's rules by moving their primaries to January in an attempt to leapfrog other states' primaries (Politics, April 17th issue). As a result, the Democratic National Committee is planning to deny seats to the delegates from these two states at the Democratic National Convention.

A legally binding primary was held in these two states. It is only a matter of time before someone who voted in one of these primaries files a lawsuit because their vote isn't being counted. Nobody in this country can be told that their legally cast vote does not count because leaders of a state and national party made a mistake.

Before those primaries were held, the DNC and the Michigan and Florida Democratic committees should have realized that you cannot simply disregard a vote just because you cannot come to an agreement on a primary date. And you cannot "redo" an election to fix a mistake. Unfortunately, this issue will once again have to be resolved by the courts, because the so-called party leaders tried to get cute with the process.

Joe Bialek

Cleveland, Ohio

Not a Fan

I cannot thank you enough for running this week's American Apparel ad (April 24th issue). My internet is down, but it looks like I won't be needing it.

Ceylon Mooney


That's Oil, Folks

Was gas $4 a gallon when oilmen Bush and Cheney took office seven years ago? No, it was not.

Did you vote for Bush twice? If so, are you happy with the return on your ballot: sky-high gas, food, and housing prices? Was it costing $50 to fill your tank when oil ministers Bush and Cheney arrived on the scene? The answer is no.

Did anyone think to ask the president and vice president what might be the results of their energy policy seven years down the road? Have you heard either of these Republicans try to explain the obscene profits corporate oil continues to make? Didn't think so.

The one bright spot might be that the environment will get to take a breather as gas prices rise and people drive less.

Norris Shields


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