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Two Misteaks

I'm surprised at the typo in the 1005th issue, considering the fact that you all have so many editors. On page 16 in the cover story ("Circle of Friends"), Jackie Welch's name is spelled two different ways. In the bubble where his picture is shown, his name is spelled Jackie Welsh. I'm not sure exactly who this guy is, but I'm sure his name is either Welch or Welsh.

Just an observation.

Engrid Roy


Editor's note: Thanks, Engrid. Sometimes we screw up. Our apologies. By the way, you spelled your first name wrong.

I was really cruising through the Times crossword puzzle in the June 5th issue, when I realized it was a repeat from a few weeks back. I hope you understand how traumatic this is for those of us who grab the Flyer at our local coffeehouse and want to start immediately testing our crossword skills. Please be more considerate of your nerd readers. There are legions of us out here.

Charles Gibson


Editor's note: Our apologies. We've told the persons responsible that they will have to figure out a five-letter word for "terminated" if it happens again.


Thanks for publishing Bianca Phillips' article on eating local ("Close to Home," June 5th issue). If all of us thought more about what it costs to bring our foodstuffs to our local supermarkets, we could make a huge difference in how much gas and oil our country uses. Buying local has health benefits and ecological benefits as well. We don't necessarily have to give up bananas and chocolate, but if we consciously look for local produce, milk, meat, etc., we all can make a difference. Great article!

Lois Hunt


"The First 48"

I recently read that city leaders pulled the plug on The First 48 TV show because it gives Memphis a bad image as a crime haven. What these leaders should really be ashamed of is that the streets aren't properly paved or even close to being level in many spots. For anyone thinking of moving back (I'm a former resident) or relocating to build a better life, this should be a great omen for what to expect.

Yes, Herenton should have been put out to pasture a decade ago. However, how do other city and county leaders justify their neglect of the most elemental needs in a civilized society? You who still live in the city deserve better — much better.

Frank Scalzo

Louisville, Kentucky

HNIC Redux

A lot of my friends took issue with John Branston's use of the term HNIC, regarding the Memphis school superintendent position (City Beat, May 22nd issue). They are in a state of disbelief at having read such a seemingly racist remark in Memphis' progressive/liberal newspaper.

Memphis is, unfortunately, a city filled with racial tension. I understand that Branston may have been making a humorous attempt at solidarity with Morgan Freeman's awesome Lean on Me character, but the bottom line is that whenever white people (even Memphis Flyer writers) use the N-word, it never goes over (and with good reason). People are going to miss entirely any good intentions the author may have had, if that term is jumping off the page at them.

I enjoy the Flyer, and I am not quite as up in arms about this issue as are my friends. However, I do think the responsible thing for a paper to do is make sure that it successfully communicates its intentions and that it represents what it stands for. These kinds of comments could suggest to many that racial division and Memphis' history of injustice toward blacks is not taken seriously by the Flyer. Would that be an accurate representation? If not, then why risk coming across that way?

Jennifer Fowler


Well, I don't know what's happened in Memphis since Martin Luther King was killed there in 1968, but I guess some things don't change. It seems that John Branston is out to figuratively kill any self-respecting African American who might be a candidate for superintendent. This time it's not James Earl Ray, it's Branston shooting at some black leader. No, Branston didn't put a bullet in anyone's neck, but I guess he's a Memphis Flyer hero these days.

Your newspaper must have quite a collection of writers and editors, that's for sure.

C. Gerald Fraser

Cleveland, Ohio

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