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Chains We Can Believe In

So now we know. The government has money to spend, but not for single-payer health care or public housing or public transportation or public education or affordable housing or the environment or roads or bridges or parks or jobs or, God forbid, people in need.

No, this government is giving $700 billion to the bankers and money-men whose financial shenanigans created this disaster in the first place. Socialism for the rich is okay, but the rest of us will just have to fend for ourselves, like the good little capitalists we are. But hey. Even though they both voted for the bailout and agree on almost everything in their so-called debates, Barack Obama or John McCain will fix things. 

They're bringing chains — I mean, change we can believe in.

Richard DeLisi


Don't Forget Edwin Circle

Regarding John Branston's "Fair Deal" cover story (October 2nd issue): A major residential stakeholder was omitted from this article: Edwin Circle, which is located directly across from the Liberty Bowl and fairgrounds off Central Avenue between Christian Brothers University and Hollywood.

Representatives of the Edwin Circle Neighborhood Association have been present at public meetings about the fairgrounds property, when informed of them, and want to continue to have an active voice as plans are developed. Any kind of development, or the lack thereof, has a direct impact on our small and uniquely positioned neighborhood. We will appreciate being recognized as a major stakeholder as this process moves forward.

Chris Johnson


Commercially Unappealing?

Concerning Bruce VanWyngarden's column on the future of newspapers (October 2nd issue): The Commercial Appeal has made the decision to cease distribution in some of its outlying market areas, mostly in the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta, regardless of the distance from Memphis. They will continue to distribute in Batesville and Oxford, Mississippi, but have cut off Clarksdale.

From what I'm told by the CA, distribution costs to "outlying areas" have exceeded a million dollars per year. They have decided to keep 80 percent of the Memphis direct marketing area but have not been able to explain why distributing to the Clarksdale area is so much more expensive than distributing to Oxford.

I feel a very strong tie to Memphis has been severed for me. I went to high school in Memphis and to the U of M. I have worked there. I relied on the CA for so much regional news, including television listings and retail information. Losing all that has me in grief mode.

I hope the CA reconsiders its decision — one clearly made by financial bean-counters looking only at the bottom line.

Jane Heidelberg

Viney Ridge, Mississippi

Is the Flyer Biased?

Is there any particular reason you rarely hear the Memphis Flyer criticize the Democratic party? It is always a critique of the Republican Party. It is well known that CNN and the three main MSM outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS) are always in favor of the Democratic Party.

I also find it interesting that Democrat is a word associated with liberal and socialist. This is the result of Darwinism and humanism at base. It may be that the Republicans at one time represented Christian moral imperatives that are annoying to the Hollywood "elites" and liberal antinomians.

Charles Gillihan


Editor's note: Liberal antinomians? That's funny — in an annoyingly Darwinistic way.

Little Liberals

For all the little liberals who want socialism in this country, you can go to the U.S.S.R. Oh, I am sorry. I forgot they aren't even a country anymore. Socialism must not have worked because the wrong people were in charge. It makes sense not to listen to a liberal newspaper like the Flyer.

My Canadian friend had to wait nine months for brain surgery. U.S. doctors said if the surgery had happened immediately, he would have survived. But, I am sure you all will go along with what the government wants you to do, even if it means some of you will die waiting for medical treatment you cannot afford. The former U.S.S.R. people sure did. But, you can go there if you want to. Oh, I keep forgetting. They aren't a country anymore. Go figure!

Jeremy Scruggs


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