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Obama's the Man

This election will determine how much longer we may be able to exist as a nation and whether we will be able to restore the trust and respect around the world we once had. Bill Clinton left us with a budget surplus. George Bush wiped out that surplus in six months.

Thanks to Bush, America is in a toilet that can't be snaked out. If John McCain is elected, he will rush in to pull the handle. If Barack Obama is elected, he will put a "temporarily out of order" sign on it and make major repairs. But it may take more than eight years to repair this mess.

We have wasted too much money and too many lives in a war we started against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. It's no longer about winning or losing but about saving face and not looking like idiots. Didn't we give Saddam military equipment to use against Iran?

Barack Obama is America's only hope to start the healing process here and around the world.

Booker T. Davis


Flyer Bias

It seems the Flyer has turned into the "anti-Palin paper." You don't question anything about Barack Obama's connection to ACORN or William Ayers or his lack of experience. The whole paper is about bashing Sarah Palin, who isn't even running for president.

I realize the Flyer is a free paper, but does it have to be so biased? I'm not a big fan of John McCain or Obama (more of a Ron Paul fan), but I do get aggravated when I see a clearly biased paper. Would it hurt to have one article dedicated to conservatives each month? If Obama is elected and he doesn't save us all from ourselves (like liberal writers and the liberal media believe he will), I hope people will remember newspapers like the Flyer and channels like MSNBC and give them no credibility.

Daniel Stovall


In reference to Charles Gillihan's letter "Is the Flyer Biased?" (October 16th issue), I don't think so, but I would like to point out two glaring errors in Gillihan's statement. Darwinism has nothing to do with politics. It is a name for a scientific process — discovered by Charles Darwin — that describes how living organisms have evolved from the simple to the complex by means of natural selection. It is more rightly termed evolution.

Humanism has no political content either. It is a system of thought that focuses on the value and worth of humanity without reference to the supernatural or political.

Steve Aldred

Whiteville, Tennessee

Feeding "Bums"

As usual for a leftist, Bruce VanWyngarden has added to the problem and misplaced blame in his October 16th column. There's a good reason people put lids on garbage cans. Liberals can't seem to understand that. Anytime you feed a creature, you invite more of the same to come and breed. That's as true for hummingbirds and squirrels as it is for cockroaches and bums. I'm sure all those people who live and work in the area where he feeds such pests appreciate his actions just as much as he'd appreciate it if those people left their garbage on his lawn.

Then he referred to the admittedly insane bailout of the banks, as if that was somehow similar, and implied that the money wasted on vermin bankers should have instead been wasted on vermin bums.

Why not announce that you'll be giving away free food, booze, and cash to winos every day at your house? See if your "solution" causes a decrease in the number of bums in your yard.

William R. James


Talking Heads

I guess the Flyer is, professionally speaking, related to broadcast news — you both do media for a living. So, I was wondering if you could explain why in the world local television anchors don't use a dictionary or something before they have to read polysyllabic words to the masses.

I have silently endured the butchering of our language for many a year, but Sunday's newscast was a doozy. The news reader for a certain low-digit channel that is headquartered alongside the Big Muddy (but which shall remain otherwise anonymous) was reporting on a story about the pope in India. It seems he was taking the first steps toward making a saint out of some woman over there, and the first thing he had to do was to "beautify" her. Ugh.

Don't these guys practice the newscast before going on the air? And doesn't some editor or producer or somebody listen critically to the guy before going live?

Matt Thomson


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