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A Great Uniter?

I thought Barack Obama was to be this great uniter. Picking mean, political-partisan hack Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff is the opposite of his words. Get ready for more lies.

Obama should have picked a moderate who has proven he is not a major partisan. What a joke, on the very first day after the election. I am afraid those swing states will come to find out they screwed up. I pray not. Thanks for your time.

One other point I hope you will research: this "civilian force" to get as much funding for our military as possible. The first thing that came to my mind were the Nazis, especially since Obama gave no details about this.

J.C. Mitchell


I remember my excitement in 1992, when, after 12 long years of Reagan/Bush administrations, a young Democrat named Bill Clinton gave me hope that progressive ideals might return to our government. I remember listening to the Fleetwood Mac song "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)" at the inauguration and thinking a new day had dawned.

Unfortunately, the good things Clinton brought — a balanced budget, environmental progress, and peace — were ultimately overshadowed by the president's all-too-human personal failings. Maybe this time around, we can do the job right. Godspeed, President Obama! It's been a long time coming!

William Andrews


Those baby Grizzlies

Is it too early to say I am excited by these Grizzlies ("The Baby Grizzlies," October 30th issue)? Watching this group scrap, go for every rebound, move the ball around on offense take some wild shots, take some good shots but playing for the most part as a team, especially on defense, a new hope is blooming in me.

I see the arena half-empty (half-full, my wife would want me to say), and I want to say to Memphis: I know our hearts have been broken a couple times by this franchise, but, dang, maybe we ought to give this new version of the Grizzlies a chance. I just didn't think they'd look this good this early.

Corey Mesler


Republican Lessons?

There's been a fair amount of talk on major media outlets (save for Fox) and the blogosphere about what the Republicans stand to learn from this campaign. Will they finally begin to reject the Rovian smears, since Obama has won without resorting to the scare tactics of the McCain campaign?

I kind of hope the Republican Party, as it stands today, doesn't learn a damn thing. I hope out of their utter failure a third party will be born, one that disregards the liberty-squelching religious right and eschews the unnecessary, financially devastating, and morally reprehensible foreign entanglements that get the neocons so hot and bothered. You know, an actual conservative party.

I will certainly still have ideological differences with this hypothetical conservative party, but at least I will be able to respect them and their supporters.

Dagmar Bergan of Helena, Arkansas, wrote a letter (October 30th issue) suggesting some solutions for our country's economic woes. These included terminating our resource-hemorrhaging occupation of Iraq, shutting down the costly and laughably ineffectual "War on Drugs," and taxing the money-making entities (such as hotels, pay parking lots, farms, and communion-wafer bakeries of some churches).

I couldn't agree with Bergan's proposals more. It's an outline that champions liberty and prudence, once the very bedrock of small-"c" conservatism. Unfortunately, there is a very vocal, inordinately powerful wing of the GOP that disagrees. Their predilection for social, cultural, ideological, and economic wars, both literal and figurative, is enough to make real Americans (like myself) question their patriotism.

Will Ferrell


Not Impressed

During my recent visit to Memphis, I picked up one of your papers. To my amazement, it was nothing but biased throughout the paper. I just wanted you to know that I was so looking forward to reading your paper to get a better view of Memphis and was greatly astonished at what I read.

I hope that you have readers who appreciate what you write and publish, but I sure hope they aren't many!

Dahleen Bonner

Cleveland, Ohio

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