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David Duke

It's interesting how Memphis Flyer writer Chris Davis thinks it's okay to call David Duke "America's most easily recognized racist" ("White Noise," November 13th issue) in a so-called news feature.

Davis went on to happily chronicle how Duke was harassed and booted from various Memphis motels during his weekend here for the European-American Unity Conference. Let's be real: If Duke were leading a conference for blacks or Jews, his activities would have been seen as "activism," and the media — and Davis — would have covered it as straight news.

As Duke said in the article: "They've got free speech in Cuba, too. Just as long as you don't say anything bad about Fidel Castro." Think about it.

Walter Lewiston

Charlotte, North Carolina

Gay Rights

In his "Viewpoint" (November 13th issue), Jim Maynard makes the old mistake of conflating civil rights with sexual rights. One is a nationality/birth condition; the other, a chosen behavior. Even Colin Powell acknowledged this fallacy and major error a few years ago.

It is also a slippery slope. Where do we draw the line? Why not have men marry animals, birds, and insects? If evolution is true, we are no different in a "civil rights" genus/category. Maynard gets his quotes and statistics a bit blurred by leaving out many polls across the nation: From yes2marriage.org, African-American leaders and pastors show a 65 percent rejection of homosexual marriages and civil-union rights.

A homosexual couple can cohabitate and get "married," but they can never consummate physically due to incompatible sexual organs, unless they make drastic alterations. Maynard's appeal to "separation of church and state" has nothing to do with this issue. He says that government should not impose laws upon others. That means we should release all criminals in jail that had laws legislated against their actions. All law is legislated morality. The question is: Whose morals do we legislate?

Charles Gillihan


Who is Obama?

Bill McAfee is right on in his letter to the editor (November 6th issue). I just never knew Obama was from Africa. Thanks for telling me this, Bill.

Is Obama proud to be an American or is he proud to be an African American? I am sure he would give an answer if asked. But none of his supporters can tell me what qualifies him to be president. No one can tell me his tax proposals, how socialized medicine will cure all, and how, when he becomes president, he will become militarily inclined, and how economics can become one of his strong points. That's what he said in the debates: "I am not militarily inclined. Economics is not one of my strong points."

What are his strong points?

Jeremy Scruggs


Hopefully, everyone who did not vote for Barack Obama will pledge to be just as respectful, trusting, unbiased, and supportive of him in the next four years as the editors, writers, columnists, and contributors in the Memphis Flyer have been of President Bush these past eight years.

Herbert E. Kook Jr.


Marijuana Talk

In the memphisflyer.com article "Marijuana Talk at Rhodes" (November 6th), it seems to me that the speaker asked the wrong question. The question should be: Should marijuana remain completely untaxed, unregulated, and controlled by criminals?

Because marijuana is illegal, it is sold only by criminals. And they often offer free samples of more dangerous drugs to their marijuana customers, thus creating the so-called gateway effect.

In a regulated market, this would not happen. Do Flyer readers know of anyone who has been offered a free bottle of whiskey, rum, or vodka when legally buying beer or wine? I don't either.

If we regulate, control, and tax the sale and production of marijuana, we close the gateway to hard drugs.

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Arizona

Regarding "News of the Weird" (November 13th issue): The first story mentions a ".22 gauge shotgun." There is no such thing. Second, how did the stove shoot her? (The story said she was "shot in the leg" by her stove.)

P.J. Trenthem


Editor's note: I don't know. That's so weird.

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