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Charles Gillihan's letter on gay marriage (November 20th issue) left me momentarily speechless, but I soon recovered. I will try to make this as brief as possible. Here goes (in answer to Gillihan's points):

1) Colin Powell is a brilliant military man, however, I do not wish to hear what he has to say about gays, as he has long been attached to a military that discriminates against gay people with its "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

2) I think we can agree to draw the line at humans trying to wed. I don't know many people who want to marry an animal. Do you?

3) African-American leaders and pastors discriminate against gays because they are usually members of an ultraconservative church. I would be surprised if they liked gay marriage.

4) Though I am tempted to say something crude about the way Gillihan thinks that certain sexual organs are incompatible, I'll just say that I disagree with this strongly.

5) I believe gay couples should be dealt with as if they were men and women who can't bear children. I'm sure Gillihan wouldn't agree to that, but I doubt if he's known too many gay people in his life. He probably knew a few and didn't know it. Who would want to come out to Gillihan? He already has so many strong ideas against gay people. Oh, well, the struggle for human rights will go on without him. Too bad.

Stacy Gossett


The Two-party Paradigm

As a consistent third-party voter, I feel I can speak to Randy Haspel's "The Rant" (November 13th issue) from a different perspective. His rant has its origin in the two-party paradigm, plain and simple. It is a prime example of indignation without a grasp of the real, underlying issues facing us. American politics has been reduced to this, and so I expect little else.

A raging attack on President Bush? Did you have to beat the deadline and you needed a simple subject? Well, you had one, and even then you could not get the facts straight. The American market has not been "free" since Alexander Hamilton's phony capitalism came into being. The CIA has been "tickling" more countries than we can count for plenty of years, and the Middle East is certainly part of that luckless group. The Constitution has been in tatters for so many years that it is unrecognizable at this point.

Haspel's acceptable level of behavior for our leaders is very low, indeed, if he thinks Bush is so particularly horrible. I would humbly suggest that he step out of the two-party pajamas he is staying warm in and look at things from a fresh perspective. His rant has already been written 10,000 times. A new president with new ideas? Change? The nature of the state will not allow for it.

Jason Spires


The Flyer is a Rag

The Flyer is an unapologetic liberal rag. I only read your liberal vitriol to see what fairy tale your side is pushing this week, which brings me to "The Rant." Author Randy Haspel, who on election night "held my breath until 10," soon recovered and began to feel "the male equivalent of postpartum depression." What a crock. Let's all line up and kiss Obama's ass.

Haspel then goes on to say that those who voted for McCain will find Democrats "more gracious in victory than the Republicans could ever imagine." I hope this is true, because Democrats were certainly full of vile, hate-filled jabs in defeat over the last eight years. The hypocrisy of this becomes clear when, later in the article, Haspel proceeds to trash Governor Sarah Palin, calling her "cartoonish and inept." I guess that thing about being gracious was just BS.

As I said, I enjoy the liberal fairy tales in your paper, but don't talk about being gracious and in the same article trash decent people who have different views. We will soon see how the president-elect leads this country. Until then, I will reserve any opinions I may have. Please keep writing this stuff, because I love it when you try to piss on my head and tell me it's raining.

James Smith


Missed Her Calling?

Councilwoman Janis Fullilove missed her calling. Instead of politics, she should have been an actress. She would have been great in Otis Campbell's role on The Andy Griffith Show. Like he did with Otis, Andy could have deputized Fullilove, so that every time she returned from Tunica, she could arrest her "own self."

Joe Mercer


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