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The Homeless

In the 1980s, homelessness began creeping around the edges of American life. Today, the homeless are part of every landscape ("No Place To Call Home," January 29th issue). You see homeless men, women, and children roaming the streets and parks, eating, sleeping, and hanging out there.

Why worry, though? You will never end up homeless, wrapped in a blanket, huddled in the cold with all your belongings, right?

We should all give a helping hand, share with the less fortunate, and offer a little of our time and energy.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, California

Amish Heaters

At last, someone is writing about the Amish/Chinese heaters ad (Editor's note, January 29th issue)! The first time I saw it in The Commercial Appeal, I thought it was a feature story about the Amish community and how great they were doing business-wise. The idea of Amish workers delivering heaters with a horse and wagon is quite comical.

Concerning "Triangle Noir": In my country, "triangle noir" often refers to the sex of a woman! I think I can safely say that they could not have chosen a phrase with more hidden meanings!

Gaelle Llambi


Tom Tomorrow

As a regular reader of the Flyer, I appreciate the work you do to report and analyze the news in our community. I encourage you not to respond to the difficult economic times the same way Village Voice Media has done throughout its chain of alternative weeklies and drop your cartoons — in your case, that would be "This Modern World" by Tom Tomorrow.

As much as I care about the serious issues that face our city, I have to confess that "This Modern World" is what makes me pick up your paper week after week.

I consider Village Voice Media a fine organization, but it is misguided to think that cutting cartoons will keep its papers afloat. The cartoons do not represent a substantial expense, and readers will immediately notice their absence.

I encourage the Flyer to lead the way in offering readers more, not less. Adding a cartoon or two alongside "This Modern World" would send a clear message that the Flyer is committed to providing sharp, edgy commentary on the issues of our times.

Elmore Holmes


Editor's note: The Flyer has no plans to discontinue "This Modern World."

Nailing Rush

Thank God someone — Randy Haspel — has nailed Reich-minister Rush Limbaugh for the traitorous pig that he is (The Rant, January 29th issue). I will never understand his popularity. For heaven's sake, he is a drug addict who took so many pills he lost his hearing! If anyone else did what he did, they would have been dead or in jail. I wonder if all his true-blue American supporters know that Limbaugh was listed 4-F for the Army because he had warts on his butt.

Michael Cianciolo


The Two-State "Solution"

Isn't it nice that the leaders of Hamas (according to Richard DeLisi in the January 22nd "Letters" section) accepted a two-state solution based on pre-1967 Israeli borders? Who knew that these duly elected terrorists could be so generous as to consent to negate the hard-fought, defensive gains of the Israelis?

While researching the history of the Mideast conflict, I was surprised to learn that a two-state solution was implemented about 90 years ago. In 1921, the British divided greater Palestine into two parts, separated by the Jordan River. They assigned the eastern four-fifths of the land to the Arabs, with the remaining sliver going to the Jews. The British named the Arab portion the Kingdom of Transjordan, while the Jewish portion had to wait until 1947 to be recognized by the United Nations as the state of Israel.

Since then, Israel has absorbed Jewish refugees of many nationalities, without receiving compensation from their Muslim and Christian oppressors. How could it possibly be unfair to expect the oil-rich Muslim nations to do the same with their own refugees? Instead of buying armaments with every spare dime, they could provide a home for each and every Palestinian family in existence. The Arabs have the money, and they have the space. The only thing they don't have is an excuse.

Cheryl Calcote


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