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Football Time

Frank Murtaugh's cover story (September 3rd issue) on the U of M football Tigers was entitled "Are You Ready for Some Football?" I know I was. And so were the 50,000 excited fans crowded into Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium last Sunday. We were all psyched and very ready. We even had beer!

But after watching Ole Miss administer a 45-14 drubbing to the Tigers, I think I can safely say the only people who weren't "ready for some football" were the guys in blue uniforms and particularly their coaching staff.

Steve Lambert


Obama's School Speech

President Obama is at it again! Now he wants to spread his left-wing socialism to our children. I mean, asking kids to study hard and take their education seriously? To use all the gifts that they have been blessed with? To work for a better tomorrow? How dare he!

Not once in his speech does Obama mention the value of X-boxes, video games, iPods, or DVD players in your SUV. No, he wants parents to encourage their children to read books and goes so far as to ask parents to read to their kids. What would happen to America if parents and school children took him seriously? The results could be disastrous.

Obama expects parents to know what movies their kids watch. I bet he thinks some cartoons are a bad influence and he probably hates the movie Fight Club.

Yes, our lefty president wants kids to read and study, to become the next generation of doctors, engineers, thinkers, and leaders. Why, the next thing Obama will insist on is parents stop dropping their kids off at a mall or movie theater and start interacting with them.

Jack Bishop


In the Corridor

I'd offer one small addition to Bruce VanWyngarden's excellent column (Editor's Note, September 3rd issue) about why city life is so agreeable in the Poplar Corridor. There are some longtime residents who prefer the presumed "safety" of neighborhoods which rarely seem to appear in the "crime watch" graphic in the Sunday Commercial Appeal.

Of course, the perceived safety is not a universally held opinion. My home on North Highland hardly ever gets trick-or-treaters on Halloween, maybe because of the busy vehicular traffic, when side streets to our north and south get bunches of little kids (some with mothers). That's a huge difference from the crowds of youngsters and teens we used to get when we lived on University near Rhodes College. Our very positive view of life in Memphis hasn't changed much. We walk during the day and sometimes evenings in our neighborhood without looking over our shoulders much.

As somebody smart (maybe a Flyer writer of the caliber of Branston or Baker) once said, "Midtown is not so much a geographic location as it is a state of mind."

Lewis Nolan


Trash Talk

I wonder if I'm the only one who's noticed that the trash talk the Democrats are now using against the Republicans sounds a lot like the trash talk the Republicans used against the Democrats during the Bush years, which sounded a lot like the trash talk the Democrats used against the Republicans during the Clinton years, which sounded a lot like the trash talk the Republicans used against the Democrats during the Reagan/Bush years?

It seems to me that we have a bunch of children who don't play well with each other, who each want the toys the others have, and who all need a time out.

Jacquelyn Stewart


Health-Care Whistle-blower

Finally, a whistle-blower, an insider from the private health-care industry spills the beans on industry-wide practices. Kudos to Wendell Potter, a former head of communications at Humana and Cigna. Before a Senate committee investigating the insurance industry, Potter pointed to the ongoing practices that deny requests for expensive procedures and the use of technicalities to cancel the policy of someone diagnosed with cancer or some other expensive-to-care-for disease — this after premiums had been paid for years.

Another trick of the trade is to raise premiums exorbitantly for small businesses who are found to have an employee with a serious illness.

Oh, what a tangled web of deceit the for-profit insurance industry has woven around itself.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, California 

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