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"Kook" Responds

I find it odd that the Flyer would delegate the role of devil's advocate in the CVS/Methodist church controversy to Tommy Volinchak. Nonetheless, we all got a good chuckle out of his letter (March 3rd issue). He's a funny guy. I suppose he either had an unhappy childhood, wasn't breast-fed as a baby, or was otherwise deprived of the essential life fuels that one needs to mature into a responsible, well-adjusted adult.

I would suggest that Volinchak pack a little more verbal ammo into his gunbelt before he launches into one of his sleep-inducing tirades against the "kooks" who speak for Memphis Heritage. His invective was mundane and lacked clarity, and his weak hyperbole left those of us who reside here in the "cesspool of liberal nut jobs" yawning.

I am one of those kooks. I know it's crazy, but I want to make my neighborhood a better place in which to live, so I go out into the street and fight for what I think is right. Taking a stand and working toward a goal, no matter what the outcome may be, is difficult and complicated. Sitting back at one's computer and tossing out hateful one-liners is easy. 

Gordon Alexander

Midtown Action Coalition

Bush is Not a Criminal

Randy Haspel's support for the idea of George W. Bush's arrest as a war criminal (The Rant, March 3rd issue) is grossly short-sighted and unsophisticated. U.S. presidents are charged by our Constitution to direct matters of foreign policy, and no decision will be universally acceptable to all people. We as a nation cannot allow the arrest or trial of our leaders for making unpopular decisions. If this is allowed, then all elected officials will be subject to such treatment, since all political decisions offend. We will have either officials afraid to govern or anarchy — surely our current political system is ineffective enough without introducing either of those two elements.

David Boone


TEA Party-line

The Tea Party statewide is supporting the Education Reform Bills now making their way through the state legislature (Politics, March 10th issue). It is not only a tax issue. Union negotiators in the private sector are normally dealing with professional managers who are held accountable by the board of directors to protect the companies [sic] well-being. School boards are not trained or equipped to deal with professional union negotiators effectively, and the school boards are accountable to the taxpayer only.

Several teachers spoke at the Tea Party rally in Nashville in favor of ending collective bargaining by the Tennessee Education Association (TEA). One of the teachers speaking was an older very experienced lady and a dedicated teacher emphasizing that good, dedicated teachers didn't need a union to protect their jobs and that in many cases the dedicated teachers we're [sic] passed up for promotion by a lower performing teacher because of seniority.

Teachers are not able to belong to the TEA without belonging to the National Education Association (NEA) as well. The Tea Party has some rather serious problems with the NEA in particular. Put simply the NEA it is [sic] an anti-Christian organization determined to remove all semblance of Christianity from our school system.

Barely over 50 percent of Tennessee's teachers belong to the TEA, and many reject it because their moral values are too high to tolerate being a member and providing funds to such an organization. Many other teachers would bail out on the TEA/NEA if they knew their agenda.

David Nance, Chairman

Tennessee 8th District Tea Party Coalition

War on Drugs 

Our federal drug prohibition, aka the war on drugs, is an ongoing calamity, a colossal failure, and a national disgrace. Due to strongly entrenched vested interests and tightly organized criminal enterprises in all branches and levels of government, public debate and input on this subject has been systematically repressed and shoved aside for more than 45 years.

Even such simple ideas as allowing individual states the option to try other approaches — as they have the right to do with alcohol, tobacco, prostitution, gambling, and capital punishment — are never seriously discussed. Although thousands of us have been imprisoned and uncounted numbers killed, legislators and politicians at all levels are terrified to address the issue.

We are facing an ongoing, perpetual and eternal war on drugs. We live in a condition of federal lockdown on this issue. How do we end this God-forsaken war?

Forrest Fyre

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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