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No Abortion. Period.

Regarding Randy Haspel's Rant (October 27th issue): Abortion should be illegal in all cases. If the mother's life is in danger (meaning her physical survival, not her emotional well-being), an exception should exist, giving her, her husband, and her physician the ability to choose her life over the child's. 

Man may not take life according to transcendent truth represented by Jesus Christ. That same truth gives power to the state to wield the "sword" to enhance flourishing of life. Haspel's essay presupposes there is no transcendent truth.

Our Constitution establishes permissible boundaries of legislation. Until the U.S. Supreme Court rules otherwise, the Constitution permits legislation to which he objects.

Haspel's essay is not civil. Some may find it entertaining. We are entertaining ourselves to death.

Eddie Settles

The "Occupy" Movement

Maybe there's hope after all. After watching our government being held hostage by the Tea Party unless we redistribute the rest of our country's wealth to the richest 1 percent of our citizens, I'd stopped feeling as if the U.S. had a future. Now, like Luke Skywalker flying in the Millennium Falcon, there appears to be a new hope.

Ignored at first, the Occupy Wall Street movement has the potential to be our salvation. Unlike the Tea Party, which is composed of religious fanatics and supported by the very rich, the Occupy movement is composed of real Americans wanting a positive change. As part of the 99 percent who are being asked to continue sacrificing to widen the already monstrous gap between the rich and poor in our country, I'm getting on board.

Nowhere on earth at any time in history has the GOP's "trickle down" (redistributing money to the wealthy) plan ever worked. If middle-class consumers don't have money, there is no way they can purchase the goods and services provided by large companies. Destroying the middle class will benefit no one. Taking away medical care and retirement income from our poor and elderly, as the GOP wants, can in no way help our ailing economy. 

If the $700-plus billion stimulus money had simply been equally divided and sent out to each family in the U.S., just imagine the massive increase in consumer spending. Instead, the money went to buy yachts and private jets for corporate CEOs, not benefiting average Americans in the least.    

I hope to see a better focus and organization to the Occupy movement. I hope to see more respectful behavior and strategic policies pursued. Surveys show that there are already more people who support the Occupy movement than the Tea Party. Lastly, I'd recommend a name change. How about "Real America"?  This seems fitting, as we are speaking for 99 percent of our citizens. I foresee new winds of hope stirring as this massive power becomes focused and directed. Let's not waste a golden opportunity. Our future and that of our country is at stake.

Jim Brasfield

Empower County Sheriffs

On October 20th, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began conducting random searches of vehicles on Tennessee highways.

You know the TSA; they're the ones in the blue uniforms who grope us at the airports. Considering these searches are conducted with no probable cause, this is a very obvious violation of the Fourth Amendment. It appears that Governor Haslam, as well as his commissioner of safety, Bill Gibbons, either have little knowledge of our Constitution or even less respect for it.

Our county sheriffs are the last line of defense against the abandonment of constitutional law in America. Our sheriffs, in whose counties these random searches are being conducted, have the authority and the constitutional duty to put a stop to these searches. If they don't, why would we not expect our homes to be next?

Our Constitution can only protect us if we protect it. Ben Franklin wrote: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

David Nance
Chairman, Tennessee 8th District
Tea Party Coalition

Chicken, Egg, Etc.

If one eats chicken, one is eating chicken. If one eats an egg, one is eating an egg. Interesting, that a distinction is made between the chicken and the egg. If a fertilized egg is a chicken, then why do we call it an egg?

So, what came first, stupidity or Family Empowerment's Ken Blackwell?

Dagmar Bergan
Helena, Arkansas

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