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On Delta Doing Memphis

This is Downtown Bruno from the WWE and a long-time member of the wrestling community here. I fly Delta almost exclusively. That's not necessarily by choice but out of necessity ("The Gadflyer," May 31st issue). I've got over two million miles and am a certified million-miler on Delta, due to my schedule with WWE. However, lately, due to the cost, the poor service, and overtly hostile prices and flight-change policies, I've been driving trips that in the past I would have never considered driving — to Omaha, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, etc.

I wanted to put my two cents in the Flyer regarding Delta and the service (or lack thereof) they bring to Memphis. Thanks and God bless.

Bruno Lauer
DeSoto County, Mississippi

I found the article on Tom Jones' latest caper interesting. But I think your description of the blogger as a former journalist and mayor's aide is inadequate. I think it should also be noted that Jones is an ex-con who abused the public trust and pleaded guilty in both state and federal courts to charges of embezzlement.

It continues to amaze me that the local media continues to ignore Jones' past while reporting on his latest project. I'd rather hear from John Ford or Roscoe Dixon than a self-proclaimed consultant who was at the table when developers like Rusty Hyneman, Jackie Welch, and Clair VanderSchaaf ruled Shelby County.

Bob Koenig

Gay Marriage

Christians and liberal pagans continue to confuse the issues surrounding same-sex marriage. Allow me to end the confusion. As a Christian, I accepted long ago that government is not required to honor the Bible. The government has every right to accept same-sex couples and grant them marriage rights.

However, let us be clear, in the eyes of God, governments have no authority to grant marriage. Barack Obama, a judge, or even a Samoan chieftain has no authority from God to bind two people in marriage. Even heterosexuals who were married by such characters are not married in the eyes of God. 

Herein lies the conflict. If your personal sense of morality is served by being married by the dog catcher, then by all means, be happy and go forth. The Christian church, however, cannot and will not ever accept or respect any so-called "marriage."

Most of the Flyer readership is either godless or at best under perverted delusions about God, so why do so many of you care what the church thinks of homosexual marriage? It is because at the end of the day, when you consider your own lives, the self-doubt created by invalid pagan beliefs starts to eat away at you and you can find no peace. Only unions blessed by God qualify as marriage. All other "marriages" are fictitious.

Tommy Volinchak

Abuse of power

I read an article this week about federal changes in our school cafeterias. Our federal government uses the taxes we pay to bribe and coerce our state and local governments, as well as our school systems, into accepting their unconstitutional mandates. Now the FDA has begun making armed raids on farms and dairies across the country. Fresh milk and vegetables are dangerous, unless federally approved, you see. Small family and Amish dairies are being put out of business.

Is our government interested in protecting its citizens, or is it interested in protecting big business from the competition of small, efficient producers selling their milk and produce to their local communities? Until the people get enough of the federal government's abuse of power and grow the backbone to take a stand for our Constitution, it will get even more absurd.

David Nance
Trenton, Tennessee

God's Candidates

Sometimes people forget that four of this year's Republican candidates were personally recruited by God to run for president. That's right, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum each had detailed stories about where they were and what they were doing when God gave them the nod.

So what happened? Have the Republicans countermanded God's will? Where's Mitt Romney's evidence that God has selected him? Where is his story of divine selection? Maybe it's missing because Romney is the phoniest opportunist to ever run for president and God just couldn't bring himself to endorse him.

M. Newton

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