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On the Road

I don't think there was any reason for Hannah Sayle to trash Graceland Too in her article about Holly Springs ("On the Road," June 21st issue). Yes, it's a different kind of Elvis experience and not for everyone, but thousands of true fans of the King from all over the world have come and enjoyed it.

She was right about the burgers at Phillips Grocery, though. They are well worth the trip to our town. As are our many fine, old Southern homes and other historical treasures.

Leslie Adams
Holly Springs, Mississippi

The Clergy and Poverty

In response to Philip Williams' letter (June 21st issue): He claims that the clergy hasn't shown sufficient outrage about the amount of poverty in this country and doesn't do enough to help those less fortunate. Is it ignorance or arrogance that is on display in his letter? Just to limit the scope to Memphis, Christians have been very active in serving the community. Just think about our hospitals, such as Methodist, Baptist, St. Francis, and St. Jude. Organizations such as the Church Health Center and Christ Community Health Center provide affordable health care to the community. Memphis Union Mission and Lighthouse provide homeless shelters and transitional housing. Memphis Catholic Charities provides a whole range of services to those in poverty. Then there are the individual churches that provide their own services and missions. There are also individual Christians who volunteer their time and money to religious and secular charities.

So the clergy did not show enough outrage about poverty, did they? Well, they don't devote a lot of time to protesting about a problem. They tend to devote their time to doing something about it.

Philip Todd

Dream Act

Was Obama's decision not to pursue deportation of young Hispanics a political ploy (Letter from the Editor, June 21st issue)? Hell, yeah, it was. He's a politician. Politicians do political things. It's the nature of the beast. Was Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation a political ploy? Once again, yes, it was. I am always leery of any far-reaching stretch of executive power. I lived through the Nixon years, and I am still scared of the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security. But occasionally a president must step up and do the right thing. Think about Eisenhower and Central High in Little Rock; think of Truman and his desegregation of the armed forces. In my humble opinion, President Obama's recent statements concerning both gay marriage and the plight of the so-called illegal Americans, political in conception as both might have been, are sterling examples of a president easing a somewhat reluctant nation closer to its true ideals.

Donald Adams

Enough Brasfield

A lot of us in Memphis are sick of letter writer Jim Brasfield (June 14th issue), who seems to be in the paper every other week. If he's not ranting against conservatives or Republicans, he ranting about religion. His problem is that he must never have had faith.

It can't all be proven to you, Jim. But without faith, you will continue to rant and rave and be a lost soul. And shame on the Flyer for publishing what I assume is every darn rant he has ever sent to you.

Cole Mitchell

Obama's economy

In February 2009, President Obama's $787 billion stimulus program was supposed to create five million new jobs and reduce unemployment below 8 percent by the end of 2010. He missed both projections by wide margins. At the end of May 2012, unemployment was still above 8 percent and only 69,000 new jobs were created in May, the fewest in a year. During Obama's term, the national debt has increased by $5 trillion to over $15 trillion. This flailing administration has created extreme uncertainty in the private sector, which has depressed manufacturing activity and inhibited hiring. Obama's policies and programs have had a negative impact on the work force. He has obstructed job creation by putting the Keystone pipeline project on hold. The Congressional Budget Office stated Obama's health-care bill will cost 850,000 jobs.

The latest reports show we could be in a stagnant economy and could possibly fall back into another recession. Obama has been in office three and a half years, and he owns the faltering economy. As President Truman said: "The buck stops here."

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire

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