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Spay As You Go

I was really pleased to learn that the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County is raising funds for a mobile spay/neutering vehicle (The Fly-by, September 20th issue). I see so many stray puppies wandering the streets of Memphis. Anything we can do to make spaying and neutering more convenient and affordable is a step in the right direction.

Gwen Weakley

Arbitrary Ethics?

Nondiscriminatory laws mean that the government can intervene into a private corporation or business and force them into hiring all classes of people (Editorial, September 20th issue).

Trespassing laws keep undesirables off one's property. By extension, a company or corporation has the same rights as the individuals who hold title to the company. As a private entity, it has the right to choose with whom it will associate and when. The First and Fourteenth amendments intend that the property owner has rights of association, assembly, and speech in regards to his property, possessions, business, etc. This negates the hiring of certain classes of individuals if so desired.

The government does not own a person or the extension — a company or corporation. Since 1964, the Civil Rights Act has allowed a slippery slope in this area to include all forms of behavior to be accepted by law. The emphasis on "group rights" strips away individual rights. By implication, the government is stealing jurisdiction from individuals and, by extension, their businesses.

By altering the original intent of the Civil Rights Act to include behavior along with race, the door is open for forced acceptance of all types of behavior. Where does one draw the line if we use arbitrary ethics as our foundation for truth?

Charles H. Gillihan

The Economy

Jerry Powell thinks our economy is on the rebound (Letters, September 20th issue). Wrong.

The Commercial Appeal had 30 pages of jobs in the 1980s through 2008, every Sunday. Since 2008, maybe four pages. And it's not because of Monster.com.

So, my question is: Who are you going to believe — Obama and his media-fueled progressive Democratic lies or your own common sense? We are about to fall off a cliff financially and who cares? The Republicans care, and the Democrats don't have a financial clue.

J. Mitchell

Let's see, Mitt Romney had one of the worst job-creation records in the history of Massachusetts, dropping the state to 47th place in job growth during his administration. Republican presidents have created only half the number of jobs that Democratic presidents have over the last half-century. Romney and Ryan want a tax rate of only 1 percent for those earning $1 million or more a year, while raising taxes by $2,000 on the middle class.

Romney doesn't want his campaign to be "run by fact-checkers," because he can't get any of his facts right. He wants to deny women birth control and abortions, even in the case of rape or possible death of the mother. He wants to take health care away from 90 million Americans on his first day in office. In spite of all this, a large number of middle-class Americans actually plan to vote for this man. Very sad indeed.

Jim Brasfield

Conspiracy Theory

If I were on the Rove/Koch Brothers team, and I expected the fed to issue a stimulus announcement shortly before the election, I might want to start a little agitation to counteract its political impact. What better way than to put a piddling amount of money (untraceable, of course) into a pseudo-theatrical production that virulently attacks Islam and schedule it to come out on the web, with Arabic subtitles, just prior to 9/11?

People we cared about died? Oops.

Rich Olcott

Group Security

I finally found a group that I can belong to: Mitt's 47 percent! I am collecting unemployment and Social Security, and I'm on Medicare. I guess that makes me a triple threat. According to Mitt, that also makes me a slug. If I'm going to be a slug, I'd rather do my slugging with red wine in hand.

Let's hear it for slugs.

Dagmar Bergan
Helena, Arkansas

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