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Obama Wins

Message to the GOP leadership: It didn't work, none of it ("4 More Years," November 8th issue). The strategy of legislative obstruction to impede recovery didn't work. The tub-thumping about gay marriage didn't work. The "aliens amongst us" fear-mongering didn't work. The voter suppression ploys didn't work.

Now, are you smart enough to toss out ossified attitudes and craft the fiscally conservative and (dare I even think it) socially progressive program that would once again appeal to the moderates still waiting in the electorate for some signs of leadership they can agree with?

Rich Olcott


Obama wins easily. Which wasn't a surprise to anyone who wasn't in the right-wing media cocoon. Republicans and their Tea Party mistress tried 50 different ways to blame and tag President Obama for failing to improve the economy, to no avail. Republicans are a day late and a dollar short as usual.

Another problem for the Republicans is that the economy has turned around. People are having a good time again, eating out, shopping, spending money.

There are even stats to go along with this consummate turnaround: Confidence in the economy is at its highest point in five years; 171,000 new jobs in October. The housing market is making a comeback after years on hiatus; housing prices and sales are up around the country; car sales are up; retail sales are up; and construction workers are back on the job. Good news for everyone, even Republicans, if they can stand to think about it.

John Lewis

Tupelo, Mississippi


Everybody is talking about coming together and working for the good of the U.S.A. I don't think that is in the DNA of the Tea Party. My suggestion is give them Alabama. Yep, that's right. Give them a reservation. Make them a sovereign nation where they have total control over themselves and no one else.

Here are some of the rules you must follow in order to live in Tea Party Land: Everybody must be white; you must have a minimum of one gun per person, including children; rapists are allowed if their victim gets pregnant, because it's God's will; everyone must either be wealthy or have a great job; and if old people run out of money, they must self-deport.

There is no welfare, no Social Security, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no food stamps, no unemployment insurance, and no minimum wage. If you cannot afford medical treatment, you must also self-deport. Absolutely no poor people allowed. Or unions. Of course, Tea Partiers may find it difficult to find people to do certain jobs, like teachers, firefighters, policemen, etc. They might have to try some sort of worker visas.

And remember, there is no birth control or abortion, so it may get a little crowded.

Dagmar Bergan

Helena, AR

Time for Clean Energy

Clean energy is not just an environmental issue. Our chief global economic competitors — China, Germany, and Japan — are working to create clean energy technologies. These countries, and many others around the world, are working to create energy sources based on solar power, wind power, geothermal heat, and biofuels. They are working to end their dependence on foreign oil and to become energy self-sufficient. If we do not compete with them and end our dependence on foreign oil and outdated technologies, we will cease to be the leading economic power. We will eat the dust of our economic competitors. We must not allow the oil and gas industries and their political allies make us vulnerable to economic ruin in the future.

We need to create new technologies that will bring clean energy and help save our planet. Thousands of good jobs can be created for our citizens if we will invest in these new technologies. If we do not, we face a bleak future.

Philip Williams


Health-Care Reform?

Florida Republican governor Rick Scott says he will not implement the state health insurance exchanges mandated in the 2010 ACA health-care law. He is likely to be joined by many other Republican state leaders. In Tennessee, our own Governor Haslam will be facing this same decision. Given the nature of the GOP-dominated Tennessee legislature, this right-wing ideology will keep millions of our citizens from receiving lower-cost, mandated health insurance.

It's little wonder that the "red" states are red: It's probably from red ink — and shame at the foolishness of their leaders.

Deborah Chapman


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