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Tim Sampson is unhinged; plus guns, Boehner, and the fiscal cliff.



Guns 'R Us
It appears guns will be the first order of business in the Tennessee legislature in 2013 if Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey has his way. As a gun owner and former NRA member, I disagree with his priorities. Tennessee would be better off if we concentrated on bringing in new better-paying jobs and educating the workforce. Delta is cutting flights to Memphis again. I believe the reason is that there are not enough good-paying jobs here — jobs that pay enough so that people can afford plane tickets. 

A law to allow permit-holders to leave their guns in their car on a private business parking lot will not help Tennessee get more jobs. And it could be dangerous, if there is someone with anger management problems or some other mental disorder.

Take newly reelected Tennessee GOP lawmaker Scott DesJarlais, for example. He reportedly held a gun in his mouth, because he was upset that one of his mistresses was pregnant. Never mind that he is a doctor. He didn't know how babies are made? Perhaps his lady friend didn't have access to the pill? We need tougher, not easier, requirements for being able to get and carry a gun.

Jack Bishop

Based on Actual Events
Kudos to John Branston for his timely and amusing column on Memphis movies that ought to be made (City Beat, November 22nd issue). Though his tongue was obviously firmly planted in his cheek, I imagine that The Hangover Four, about a "straight-arrow college basketball coach who goes a little crazy and indulges in a super-sized Coke and an order of fries" hit pretty close to home at the U of M last week.

Ron Griffin

Well it looks like Tim Sampson (The Rant, November 29th issue) has finally come unhinged. 

Readers may recall that in the September 20th issue of the Flyer, he advocated changes to the First Amendment to allow only speech that he agreed with. Now, he wants "old white men" to "float away." Although you have to admire Sampson's ability to roll his age, racial, and gender bigotry all into one sentence, antithetically, we can only imagine the furor this would have created if he had expressed a wish for all "young black women" to float away. 

So why the editorial double standard, and why does Sampson's left-wing bigotry and shrill, adolescent polemic get a pass in the Flyer?

E. Williamson

Work With Obama
It is time for the House of Representatives to work with President Obama.

John Boehner, as speaker of the House, should understand that half of America does not belong to the wealthy and half of this great country does not belong to the middle class and the poor; we are all united for the common purpose of making this great nation work for all. Paying our fair share of taxes should not divide us.

It was an insult to the intelligence of all Americans when Boehner made the claim that half of the people in America making over $250,000 are small business owners and therefore should not pay more taxes. This claim does not hold water; many of the small business owners, Republicans and Democrats, voted to reelect President Obama.

It is time for Boehner to stand up to the right-wing elements in the House. The voters that gave Obama a second term are very aware of the GOP stone-walling that existed in the president's first term. The Republicans stated that they wanted Obama to fail in order to prevent a second term. But Obama won. And it's time for the House of Representatives to restore some trust by working for the people to avert the "fiscal cliff."

It is in their hands to undo their damage.

Alfred Waddell

Your Weekly Dagmar

What is with John Boehner and his gang? Are they mentally challenged or just mean as snakes? Are they not aware of the outcome of the most recent election? They're spewing direct quotes from (what was his name?), oh yeah, Mitt Romney. Am I deluded, or didn't he lose the election?

Stick with Barack and you won't be Baroke!
Dagmar Bergan
Helena, Arkansas

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