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Bosoms, GOP bashing, Smart Meters, and Dagmar.



Bosom Buddies
So that letter to the editor from the head of the Memphis Area Women's Council (October 10th issue) complaining about "portions of the woman's bosom" on the Flyer's "Best of Memphis" cover was a parody, right?
Chad Robertson


GOP Bashing
I get a lot of ribbing from my friends in blue states and in Canada about our lunatic Republicans. My Canadian friends can't fathom how we can deny medical care to a huge segment of our citizens. Canadians, like most civilized people, have free health care (which ranks higher in quality than ours). It always amazes enlightened people that our very poorest states vote Republican. I try to explain that these people are very gullible and vote based totally on emotional issues such as guns, gays, and abortion. A poor Southerner voting Republican is much like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. It just makes zero sense.

Hopefully, when Hillary Clinton takes office in January 2017, she will have a Democratic majority in both the Senate and House and we can get on with undoing the damage Republicans have caused our great country.
Jim Brasfield

Even with our Civil War, the United States has a remarkable history of governmental stability. We have not had multiple revolutions, dictators, the overthrow of presidents, or military control of our government. Our system of government has worked.

But our stability can be threatened, and the current threat is from the political right. Conservatives who hated Bill Clinton put their hatred of him above what was best for the country, putting the country through an unwarranted impeachment. A dangerous precedent could have been set.

The right-wingers also hate President Obama and have done all they can to damage his presidency. They have put out lies about his being a Muslim, about his not being born in the United States, about him being a socialist and putting Americans on "the road to serfdom." All utter nonsense.

Now, the lunatic right-wing fringe has forced a government shutdown, because they do not  like a law that was passed and found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court, a law that was passed to help millions of people who do not have access to health insurance.

Reasonable conservatives should stand against the actions of these fanatics, even if they do not like Obamacare, because defunding a legitimate law would set a frightening precedent. If it is a bad law, then it can and should be changed by legitimate political processes.
Philip Williams

I am not saying that John Boehner and his Tea Party gang are trippin', but they act like they are on a really bad trip. They need to get ahold of their supplier and read him the riot act. They are hallucinating. They think they have brains. They accuse Obama of being a secret Muslim who is trying to bring this country down. If Obama really wanted to bring this country to its knees, he'd be a Republican.
Dagmar Bergan
Helena, Arkansas

Meter Maze
I continue to be amazed by the controversy over MLGW's "smart meters." If these idiots are really worried that government is monitoring their lives, they need to stop using cell phones and computers and quit watching cable TV. These companies know who you're calling and texting, who you're emailing, and what shows you are watching. And the government can easily find out all of that information.

But no, these people are worried that MLGW will be able to monitor how much water they used last week. Really? Compared to some of the stuff they're probably looking at on the internet, I think smart meters should be the least of their worries. Also, using the word "smart" in the same sentence with Janis Fullilove's name should be outlawed.
Andy Cole

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