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Orphan Teeth

Organ Thief


Sometimes on this debut album from four-piece local rock band Organ Thief, the guitars rev coolly and the vocals yammer distractedly and the band sounds pretty indie-rock, somewhere between the Strokes and Spoon maybe. And then sometimes a heavy bottom and fast, prominent guitars suggest metal. More often the band's jerky percussive sound and jazzy tinges evoke Morphine minus the horns. Throw in plentiful sound effects, some acrobatic, flowery vocals, and song lengths that range from 2:49 to 10:50, and this is a band that's all over the place, yet they never sound like they're trying on musical costumes. They always sound like themselves. The songs don't connect -- at least not with me -- but it's a promising start. ("Seasick Sing-a-long," "Sound of Sarcasm")

-- Chris Herrington

Grade: B

Organ Thief plays Young Avenue Deli Friday, September 30th, with Augustine and the

Color Cast.

Can't Remember

the Last Time

The Central Standards


This acoustic-based four-piece band is more folk than country and not alt-anything, though their ever-present harmonies and jangle-folk songcraft are reminiscent of onetime alt-country standard-bearers the Jayhawks. The straightforward formula can get a little same-y, so Can't Remember the Last Time works best when the band adds a musical flourish -- the solo piano of "Teenage Heart," the pedal-steel and percussion effects of "Nothing To See Here," the galloping rhythm of "Gumball Machine Diamond Ring." ("Nothing To See Here," "Teenage Heart," "Rosemary," "Don't You Stare")

-- CH

Grade: B

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