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Punk Metal

The Cooters

(Profane Existence)

If ever an album title was truth in advertising, this is it, except the virtues this band draws from each genre is older and less trendy than the genres' current commercial representations. This trio from north Mississippi combines speedy metal guitars with gutter-punk aggression and a bit of Southern rock attitude, resulting in a version of "punk metal" that evokes Motörhead and the Stooges more than AFI or My Chemical Romance. ("Carpetbaggers," "Crusty," "Woo Lord!") -- Chris Herrington

Grade: B

The Cooters play the Buccaneer Friday, November 18th. Showtime is 11 p.m.; admission is $5.

A Darker Shade of Gray

The Blake Miles Band

(Young Ave. Records)

This seven-song debut EP of heavy, bluesy Southern rock was recorded at Young Avenue Sound and released through the studio's own label. But the five-piece band isn't headed by someone named Blake Miles. Rather, the moniker refers to singer/guitarist Blake Ryan and bassist Miles Miller, who formed the band with drummer Ricky Townes a couple of years ago as a blues band. But, helped in part by the keyboard work of Chris Stephenson, the band has added rock, funk, and soul elements to its expanding musical palette, resulting in a rootsy Memphis mix that is sometimes reminiscent of a harder-edged, less hooky version of the sound that's made the Gamble Brothers Band such a local success. ("Criminal," "Mornin' Light") -- CH

Grade: B

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