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Local Record Reviews: Hello Monday by Chad Nixon



It's been a while since Memphis heard from local musician/songwriter Chad Nixon. Once a staple of the local scene as a frontman for groups like Palindrome and Crumb in the late '90s and early 2000s, Nixon has largely laid low, musically speaking, for the last decade or so, instead focusing on his career and raising a family.

Nixon came out of "retirement" with a vengeance earlier this year with the digital release of Hello Monday, a fierce collection of psychedelic folk songs that is so good it makes one wonder what else we might have missed from this guy over the years. Tracks like "Girl Named Monday" and "Carry-On Bag" have a sense of urgency and dense melody that should appeal to fans of Neutral Milk Hotel and other Elephant 6-type bands, as well as those of My Morning Jacket. My only criticism is — once again — that I find the use of effects on the vocals to be a bit heavy-handed at times. In this case, in particular, Nixon is just too good a singer to hide behind all the noise.

Grade: A-

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