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Local Record Reviews: "I Was a Fool" b/w "Love is Like A Goodwill Store" by Johnny Lowebow


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The one-man-band craze has quietly made its way through Memphis in recent months, with folks like William Stull, Snowglobe's Jeffrey James Hulett, and others frequently performing around town in the unique solo set-up. Even Ardent indie-poppers Star & Micey use what I'll call "one-man-band tricks" (e.g., playing drums with feet and other displays of ambidexterity) to great effect in the trio's live acoustic act.

But as anyone who's been around these parts for a few years knows, the underground scene's longest-tenured one-man-band practitioner is one John Lowe, aka Johnny Lowebow. Known primarily as the creator of the cigar-box guitar known as the "lowebow" and the owner/operator of Xanadu Music & Books in Midtown, Lowe is also an accomplished musician/songwriter and frequent performer as a one-man-band around town. His latest release, a seven-inch vinyl single for the songs "I Was a Fool" and "Love Is Like a Goodwill Store," is, well, classic Johnny Lowebow — loose, raucous garage rock that is surprisingly tuneful and heartfelt.

Grade: B


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