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Look On This and Despair, Jihadist Devils!



Ed Bryant, the former 7th District congressman who is now involved in his second try for a U.S. Senate seat, promises to be nothing if not resourceful. No position papers or ten-point plans for Bryant, who has two opponents in the August 3rd Republican primary and hopes to take on Democrat Harold Ford Jr. this fall. No, Bryant, who before his election to Congress in 1994 served as U.S. Attorney for Tennessee’s Western District, has big plans that can be simply stated. In the climactic words of a TV spot that began running last week: “Ed Bryant will secure our borders. And win the War on Terror” ...

Now, that’s what we’re talking about! Where President George W. Bush, the Pentagon, and America’s armed forces have so far fallen short, Bryant intends — while serving as a first-term senator, no less — to Do the Business! Who says the Age of Heroes is behind us?

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