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Lucero's Ben Nichols Featured in Book

"I know I, for one, wanted to be from anywhere other than Arkansas when I was growing up. I wanted to be from New York or California, but then you get older. When I was in my early twenties, I just really grew to appreciate where I was from, and the certain character and soul and history it has. I moved to Memphis about nine years ago and you're just surrounded by history there. There's a real soulful quality to the city. I mean, it's a shithole, but it has a certain character to it. I'd like to think that comes through in our music."

The speaker is vocalist/guitarist Ben Nichols, "our music" is a reference to his band Lucero, and the quote is lifted from an interview in 2005 in the pages of American Songwriter magazine. That interview is reprinted in Song: The World's Best Songwriters on Creating the Music That Moves Us (edited by J. Douglas Waterman; newly published by Writer's Digest Books).

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