Memphis Fashion Week EMDP Show Highlights 

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Memphis Fashion Week wrapped up this year's series of events with a sold-out runway show featuring all local designers.  Here are a few select images of the designers, attendees, and of course the fashion debuting on the runway.
OF 29
Left: Augusta Campbell (EMDP judge) and Bill Stearnes.
Left: Joey Miller (MFW photographer)
Right: Penelope Fisher
Kamesha Hervey Richard and Andrea Fenise (EMDP designer)
EMDP singles collection
EMDP designer Avian Robinson with her design
EMDP designer Dara Branson with her design
EMDP mini collections
EMDP designer Christina Dang with her design
EMDP designer Meredith Olinger with her design
Dilettante Collection by Tara Skelley
Former EMDP winner Tara Skelley with her design
Zoe Vu, 2016 winner in the EMDP Singles Collection category
Mary Ambrose, 2016 winner in the EMDP Mini Collection category
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Right: Penelope Fisher

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