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Micro Championship Wrestling at the New Daisy



What is Micro Championship Wrestling (MCW)? Founder and owner Johnny G. describes it as "90-minutes of high-flying action." High being relative as all MCW wrestlers are under five feet tall. "We do all the same stuff the big guys do in the WWE," he says, "but we add a twist of comedy to it. We want it to be a great time for people of all ages. Doesn't matter who you are, wrestling's one of those things everybody digs."

MCW's based out of Tampa, Florida, but its cast of grapplers comes from all over the country. "You've got to find and train little guys who are athletic enough," Johnny G. says. "We have basic tryouts. If somebody comes in, and they're workable and have a good attitude, we'll bring them on tour with us, put them in a little spot, and teach them as we go. It's on-the-job training. Regular [independent] wrestlers are weekend warriors. They train all year and maybe get some gigs on the weekends, so they're happy. If they have a good year, they'll work 50 times. Our guys work 300 times a year."


Lots of wannabe wrestlers find MCW because they've always dreamed of being a wrestler. "Like Lieutenant Dan," Johnny G. says. "He was still in school when his mother paid for him to come try out." Dan took a small role after graduation and has become one of the show's big attractions.

Johnny G. knows that touring shows like his have big challenges. The audiences don't know the wrestlers. They don't know the story lines. They don't know who's bringing the heat or who's taking it.

"We know we've got to tell the whole story in 90 minutes," Johnny G. says. "And it's a good story, too."

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