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One Year Afterwards

Mid-South Peace & Justice Center will hold antiwar rally.



It's been one year since President Bush officially launched the war on Iraq, and on Saturday, March 20th, activists around the globe will be holding remembrance rallies to honor fallen soldiers and Iraqi civilians caught in the line of fire. The Mid-South Peace & Justice Center has organized a rally to be held that day at Veterans Plaza in Overton Park.

"We're holding this rally because we believe there was no justification for this war. We believed that last year, and we believe that now," said Ceylon Mooney, a spokesperson for the Peace & Justice Center.

Names of all American casualties, including suicides, will be read to the beating of drums. The reading will be followed by an interfaith prayer led by Buddhist, pagan, Baptist, Quaker, and Islamic leaders.

The Wheels of Justice Tour, a group of traveling activists and war veterans who travel across the country in a vegetable oil-powered van, will be on hand giving three-minute statements on their positions on the war. Several local music acts are also scheduled to perform.

"Eleven million people worldwide took to the streets last year around this time to express their outrage and opposition to this war and to support the troops," said Mooney. "A lot of those people are going to be doing that again on the one-year anniversary. We want folks to come out and reassert their convictions."


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