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“Party of Five” at Glitch

Show marks one-year anniversary of Adam Farmer’s home gallery.



When you have a party of five or more at a restaurant, servers often add an automatic tip. So here is our automatic tip for "Party of Five," the new show at Glitch: Go see it. It's gonna be good.

"Party of Five" marks the one year anniversary of artist Adam Farmer's home gallery/artwork-in-progress. For the show, Farmer invited artists to submit work no larger than 5 inches-by-5 inches. All pieces were accepted so long as they fit the parameters. Farmer says, "It's a large-scale installation comprised of small-scale works."


Earlier this week, Farmer and several friends were busy sorting through submissions. Some were stacked on the floor, a few in makeshift containers. Several canvases, swathed with fake white fur and glitter, lay piled in a corner. There were photographs, a flipbook, and a six year old's painting of a small colorful egg. Tyler Hildebrand's particularly cool submission involves linked colored lightbulbs.

One year after the gallery's inception, it is clear that Glitch has grown both as a gallery space and as its own morphological work of art. It has become slightly more organized (they have a new intern) and incrementally more complex. The neon murals that originally graced the walls during July 2013's "Furload" exhibit are still visible, but manipulated and obscured by Alexandra Eastburn's Mojave Desert murals, Esther Ruiz' spacey black backdrops, Jessica Lund's ceiling collages, and Mae Aur's pastel dreamscapes, among others.

Glitch has also, over the course of the past year, been host to music, video, and performance art. This Friday will be no different. Five musical groups, including Loser Vision and Soundtrack, will play. 

With five bands and some 200 works of art by an international roster of artists, Farmer has a point when he says of "Party of Five": "I bet it will be a while before another show like this comes along."

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