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Readers should not blame themselves if they're confused about the current state of affairs regarding The Pyramid, a facility paid for through a bond issue that will obligate the city and county for years to come but which may, for all intent and purpose, be useless and lie fallow for much of that time.

That's the reality after the decision of the University of Memphis to remove Tiger basketball games from The Pyramid to the newer and shinier FedExForum -- a move which will itself be paid for in part by city and county funds.

We're troubled that this deal was reached by the city and county mayors, by officials of HOOPS (the NBA Grizzlies' controlling group), and by university officials without input from the Memphis City Council and Shelby County Commission.

And we're even more alarmed that nobody yet has a plan for making good public use of The Pyramid while we're paying it out. Talk about pointy-headed!

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