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A 19th-Century Perspective

To the Editor:

Only when men have swallowed the lie of evolution can they accept the lie that the land belongs to the government. To pay property taxes to the state is to give recognition to the state's usurpation of God's creation and the prerogative of taxing that creation. Try not paying property taxes and see who really owns your land!

Property is the natural foundation of power and consequently of authority. If the lands are divided among all those who compose society, the true power and authority of government will reside in all the members of that society, and the society itself will constitute a real democracy.

Freedom and private property go hand-in-hand. Inheritance taxes aid in destroying the handing down of property to our offspring and their foundation of freedom. If the state can infringe upon the right of inheritance, then property is no longer inalienable. There would be no need for this tax money if the state remained in its constitutional function of defending freedoms of property, life, and liberty for law-abiding citizens. Health, education, and welfare are not functions of the state but rather are jurisdictions of families, private institutions, etc.

The county government uses a portion of the tax dollars it receives for jails and prisons. These are unbiblical institutions, as the Bible demanded retribution and restitution in its economy. Jails should be temporary holding sites during trials. The local government uses the vast majority of what it keeps for public schools. This is another unbiblical institution. The child is under the stewardship of the parents to educate by themselves or by means of tutors, private institutions, etc. No teaching is neutral, as the state indoctrinates in humanism, statism, or some other world and life view.

Charles Gillihan


Fame or Shame?

To the Editor:

I enjoy reading Jackson Baker's articles and appreciate his willingness to address an issue which should have been addressed a long time ago: the seemingly endless scandals we endure through the outrageous behavior of some Ford family members and others.

State representative Kathryn Bowers was not helping herself much when she appeared to condone state senator John Ford's possible unethical actions by trying to remind the public what good came out of it, that many children got dental care who otherwise would not have received it. Was she saying that it is okay to be unethical as long as someone benefits from it? Surely, as the chairwoman of the local Democratic Party, she knows that TennCare money was already available for these children.

In trying to help out her fellow Democrat, Bowers put a shadow of unethical behavior on herself. It would have been more appropriate for Bowers to have taken a stand against any unethical dealings by her always troubled colleague.

We'll never get national respect when we continue to reelect leaders such as these. Maybe it's time to vote in candidates with moral rectitude, leadership skills, fiscal accountability, and a vision for an ethical future for Shelby County and Memphis. I would love to have a reason to be proud of living in this county.

M.C. Best


Disappointed Visitors

To the Editor:

Last year we visited Memphis on the way back from our Florida vacation and found several very interesting non-Elvis attractions.

This year, during spring break, we brought our granddaughter with us to share attractions like the visitors center near Mud Island, the Mud Island relief map of the Mississippi, the Memphis Belle, and The Pyramid. Much to our disappointment, the lady at the visitors center seemed too bothered for our questions, Mud Island was closed, the monorail wasn't running, there were no visitors allowed in The Pyramid, and the Memphis Belle had been moved.

What a shame to limit that kind of history. Just thought you would like to know that Memphis is missing a great opportunity for more tourism. We did enjoy many of the other sights and sounds of Memphis, especially Peabody Place.

Dave, Dee, and Molly Moore

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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