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An Opposing View

To the Editor:

Regarding Neta Golan's opinion piece (Viewpoint, April 11th issue): The only difference between a terrorist who straps explosives around his body to kill innocent civilians and terrorists who hijack airliners to kill innocent civilians is one of degree, not one of kind.

President Bush was right to order the U.S. military to Afghanistan to root out al-Qaeda terrorists and to dismantle the Taliban government that gave them refuge. And Prime Minister Sharon was also right to order the Israeli defense forces into Palestinian towns to root out terrorists and to dismantle the Palestinian Authority that gives them refuge.

Arafat's ties to terrorism go back to the 1972 Munich Olympics and the murder of innocent Israeli athletes. He has continued to finance and promote terrorist activities ever since. The government of Israel under Ehud Barak offered peace to Arafat, but Arafat is not willing to make peace. He pretends to want peace while his true aim is to eradicate the state of Israel.

We have no quarrel with The Memphis Flyer's publication of the piece by Golan. However, we ask that you also provide your readers with the opposing view. We suggest an article by Nitsan Alon titled "Why Israel's Mission Must Continue," which appeared in the April 12th issue of The New York Times.

Harold and Margie Steinberg


Not "Abandoned"

To the Editor:

I would like to make a correction to the article "Death In the Old Forest" by Andrew Wilkins (April 11th issue). The article says: "Cary Holladay, who handles public relations for Park Services, says the picnic pavilion renovation was abandoned after the contractor went out of business. A new contractor has been found, she says, and the project will start up again this month."

I object to the word "abandoned." I never stated or implied that. The renovation project has been delayed but never abandoned. At no time did the Division of Park Services abandon the project. When the contractor went out of business, the city took steps to secure another contractor to complete the work.

Cary Holladay

Public Affairs Manager

City of Memphis Division of Park Services

Grizzlies Redux

To the Editor:

I am from the Chicago area originally and have been in Memphis 17 years. I have lived in 11 states, mostly in the Eastern half of the United States. I am amazed at the things that go on in Memphis!

Why does this city refuse to support national teams of any kind? Can you people not see the forest for the trees? Do you not see that spending a little money will reap major monetary rewards for this city? Think about the jobs, the tourist spending that will be brought to our city. Think about the pride in having an NBA team in Memphis.

I sincerely hope that "the few" will not spoil things for everyone. I have totally enjoyed the experience of having an NBA team in Memphis. I am a season-ticket holder and have even traveled to Indianapolis to see them play the Pacers. Our team is young and struggling right now, but they have enormous potential. Please, Memphis, stand behind this team. Don't show the country (again) what a small-town attitude you have. There is a great big world out there. Why not sample some of it!

Judy Adams


To the Editor:

The letter from Mr. Rosenblum (April 11th issue) was heart-warming. Goodness. Two professional basketball players sucking up to a couple of kids! How nice! Those kids need to enjoy it now, because they will be paying off the debt for the arena for many years to come.

The average actual fan -- about 13,000 at each Grizzlies game -- should be billed for the approximately $550 million arena cost (including interest costs added to the $250 million) over 30 years. That comes to a bit over $42,000 per fan. I think we should demand it up front as they enter The Pyramid for games. Why should the rest of us have to pay for their share of this sport?

How sad that Rosenblum apparently really believes that silly adage "If we act like a major-league city, we will become a major-league city." I say put the $550 million of taxpayer money into education, which this area so desperately needs.

Andrew L. Barksdale


To the Editor:

I am a proud Grizzlies season-ticket holder. When The Pyramid was built downtown, I vowed never to attend one function there. Who wanted to go there, to be robbed, get ripped off for parking, fight the traffic?

Enter the Memphis Grizzlies. I couldn't wait for the next game to make that 18-minute drive downtown, to be treated like royalty by the Grizzlies' staff, the dedicated employees at The Pryamid, and, yes, the dedicated officers of the Memphis Police Department, who finally figured out how to make traffic flow smoothly to and from The Pyramid!

It's time for Memphis to stop sweating the small stuff. This city is ready to move forward and join the real world.

Tommy Williams


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