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Art Critics

To the Editor:

It's ridiculous that three of our elected officials, Brent Taylor, Marilyn Loeffel, and Tommy Hart are embarking on a crusade against the "workers of the world, unite" quote engraved in the main entrance plaza of the new central library ("F. 451, Episode One: The Red Menace," November 29th issue).

Whether or not we embrace the philosophies of Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto is part of history. Knowledge of history is part of education, and, if I'm not mistaken, that's what a library is all about. Without education we might demand that women remain ignorant and completely clothed from head to toe. Or deny African Americans the right to vote.

Each piece of art in the library was created by talented professionals. Changing the installations for political reasons shouldn't be up for discussion. Council members Taylor, Loeffel, and Hart are entitled to their opinions -- that's one of the things that makes this country great -- but doesn't rejecting history doom us to repeat it?

David Maddox, Memphis

CHristal's Clear?

To the Editor:

If the Cordova thugs want to send a sortie from Fort God to Christal's to take a picture of my license plate, they needn't bother (City Reporter, November 29th issue). I'd be happy to mail them photos of my car, license plate, and anything else they want to see.

Note to the owners of Christal's: Please, open your store, and hurry! Even though it will take me 45 minutes to reach your Cordova location, I will gladly visit and make purchases just for the opportunity to pose with Whackin' Willy in hand for the vigilante photographers of the United Affront to Jesus.

God forbid you should be able to buy a dildo before you get liquored up and fire your Kalishnikov deer rifle in "downtown" Cordova. That kind of thing should be restricted to the godless areas like Whitehaven and Midtown.

Jeff Crook, Memphis

To the Editor:

I can't believe there is an actual debate going on over what kind of store can occupy a leasable space in the Cordova area. The basis for opponents' arguments is mythology and fairy tales. What century do these people live in? America is a free country and you can open whatever business you want to if you abide by the prescribed laws.

There is one solution and one solution only to the problem: Don't go to Christal's if you don't like it. I don't like car dealerships, so I don't go to car dealerships. Is that so hard to figure out?

Mike Hagan, Germantown

The Midtown Corridor

To the Editor:

I noted the letter from Jim Rice in the November 22nd issue and it struck a nerve. Why hasn't the Flyer been out there in the forefront on coverage of the I-69 issue? The TDOT folks are under the impression that everyone in Memphis is in favor of the Midtown corridor route. Of course, the only people they are hearing from are elected officials and their appointed bureaucrats. This is another Overton Park fiasco in the making!

J. Palazolo, Memphis

Bush is POTUS

To the Editor:

Please pass the word to your editorial writers that George Bush is president of the United States. Elected. Confirmed. Inaugurated. Even with all the illegal votes The New York Times could round up in six-and-a-half months of digging. That's The New York Times, you know, the Koran of leftists the world over. Even though no leftist paper in the hinterlands of America would dare reprint it any closer to the front page than the funnies, it is true -- Bush is the man.

Please notify your columnists and cartoonists also. Thanks.

Mike Crone, Memphis

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