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One Complaint

To the Editor:

I enjoy your paper and I appreciate the hard work behind it. The entertainment information is highly accessible and thorough to boot. Chris Davis is hilarious and his work gets especially sharp when he is overburdened with multiple articles. Of the syndicated columns you run, I enjoy Advice Goddess, Free Will Astrology, and News of the Weird.

I have only one complaint, and that is the inclusion of This Modern World. To be honest, I used to enjoy Tom Tomorrow's offbeat strip but since September 11th his take on reality has become increasingly inane and I am at a loss to find any humor in his work. I certainly won't stop reading the Flyer because of this. I only want to register my dissatisfaction. Thanks for hearing my boorish whining.

Julian Hill, Memphis


To the Editor:

Was the title of Julie Rogers' Viewpoint article ("A Jaundiced View," December 13th issue) a commentary on her article itself and her views regarding the situation in the Middle East? Maybe she needs to start watching a little more CNN and MSNBC and count the times the media negatively portray Israel and the Palestinians. My guess is that number is somewhat equal, or at least was, until the recent Palestinian bombings of civilians.

The situation, in the words of a great American, is a "quagmire." There are two ways to settle the conflict: peace or war. The media are simply looking for a story and are certainly not responding to pressure by corporate America. U.S. business would only benefit by having peace in the Middle East (more markets for thiee products).

Rogers mentions U.S. loan guarantees to Israel and asserts that the U.S. government is pressuring the media to take a pro-Israeli stance. If Rogers knew what the U.S. loan guarantees to Egypt were last year she would be surprised. And why did Amnesty International, an organization that I am sure Rogers supports, stop condemning Israeli reaction to stone-throwing nearly a year ago? The facts are that the stones were provided by the Palestinian authority, the activists were bussed in, and the media were alerted hours before the event.

Rogers needs to have coffee at a cafe in Tel Aviv or travel on a bus in Jerusalem and then determine if she still feels the Israeli checkpoints in the disputed territories are justified or not. Understandably, the Palestinian people feel imprisoned in their own homes, just as Israelis feel targeted in their homes. In the war in the Middle East the toughest kid on the block wins. In the U.S., the news channel with the best story wins. Deal with it, Julie!

Will Shapiro, Memphis

To the Editor:

The Viewpoint by Julie Rogers once again promotes the incredibly biased view of many groups these days: All problems in Israel are the fault of the Israeli government. Once again, the Jews are to blame. Rogers brings another blood libel against Israel. Perhaps she should take a lesson from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who said, "Anti-Semitism, the hatred of the Jewish people, has been and remains a blot on the soul of mankind ... . Anti-zionist is inherently anti-Semitic and will ever be so."

Anna R. Johnson, Memphis

Go For the Gusto

To the Editor:

I think everybody in the city loves Peabody Place. It has become a favorite spot to shop for many Memphians. But with all the concern about the Main Street district between Union and Peabody Place, why not expand the mall? The skybridge could be enlarged to link Gayoso Street, Main Street, Second Street, and the Peabody Place parking garage. Right now most of that property is a parking lot.

This would be a great way to help out Main Street and attract activity between Gayoso and Madison. So why not, Mr. Belz? You've already done a great job, so why not go for the gusto?

Jamie Thornton, Memphis

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