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To the Editor:

I had to laugh at the naivete of "Dave Adams" ("Up In Smoke," September 19th issue). Didn't he know it's illegal to grow marijuana?

Stephen Gaskin knows. In the early 1970s, he and a couple hundred friends bought and settled on 200 acres near the town of Summerton, Tennessee. They were a little naive too. They thought they had the right to establish a New Age religious community, co-op their resources, and practice their vegetarian lifestyle. And, oh, yeah, they wanted to grow a little marijuana just to liven things up a little.

Maybe Dave's too young to remember how they got busted. National Guard helicopters swooped down over the fields. Gaskin took the rap and served two years. Thirty years later, the group has dwindled to a handful.

My advice to Dave would be to keep his family together. His wife will be precious to him in his old age. If he feels the need for a mood-altering drug after a hard day at the graveyard, he should pour himself a few stiff drinks, just like the Lord and the Constitution allow.

Ray Bell (Brother Sky Blue)


He's Rightly Thrilled

To the Editor:

Wow! I'm thrilled that you found a leftist icon to join your anti-Bush and anti-justice issue (Viewpoint, September 19th issue). Even if it was supposedly his last written message, he's got many hours of overexposure on TV to spread the Democrat Kool-Aid.

But Chris Matthews! In our leftist weekly! Cool! Thanks.

Mike Crone


A Modest Proposal

To the Editor:

A lottery is not a tax on the poor. Sales tax is a tax on the poor. A lottery is a tax on the stupid. That is why we should have one. We need a stupidity tax.

Anyone who smokes cigarettes should pay $5 a pack in stupidity tax. We should tax Botox for anyone stupid enough to paralyze their own face. Tattoos and piercings should be taxed, with a special levy on tongue studs. There should be a per-inch tax on breast implants, cigars, and underwear showing above the pants. TV shows like Jerry Springer and Crossing Over should be tax-per-view. People who send money to Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, and psychic friends? Shoes that light up? Cell phones that play "Dixie"? Stupid, stupid, stupid! Tax 'em all.

Stupid people are America's most abundant natural resource and should be exploited for all they are worth. Too often in this country, stupidity is rewarded. Regulations and restrictions designed to keep stupid people from doing stupid things have made life much more difficult for the rest of us. It is time to make them pay.

Michael B. Conway


See Ya!

To the Editor:

If Bush is so eager to go it alone in Iraq, let him go -- alone.

Bob Roesler


to the editor

To the Editor:

I'm a little late responding to your excellent (in my opinion) cover story on Angus McEachran (August 29th issue) principally because I live way out in the boonies and it takes me awhile to get the Flyer.

I worked for the CA for over 20 years in the composing room during a time when the editors and the production people were pretty close. I spent some time at the Press Club across the street listening to young (and sometimes old) newspapermen speak in quiet tones about McEachran when he was managing editor. I majored in journalism in college, so I have retained some opinions on how newspapers should be published and, as an officer of my union, how workers should be treated.

You might be interested to know that I wrote [the CA] a letter to the editor after the stories about McEachran's forthcoming retirement, and it went something like this:

"While there is no doubt as to the abilities of Angus McEachran as reporter and editor, excuse me if I feel that it is not necessary to abuse one's fellow workers in order to validate those skills. Perhaps Mr. McEachran could gain part-time work after his retirement as a consultant to Coach Bobby Knight."

Of course, the letter was not published, even though I had previously been a regular contributor to the letters page.

I thought your story validated my letter.

Roy Hornsby

Middleton, Tennessee

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