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West Memphis Three

To the Editor:

Thanks for the article on Devil's Knot ("Untangling Devil's Knot," November 7th issue). The families of the three murdered children should always be kept in our minds and hearts while the verdict is reconsidered. Those three little children deserve that justice be served on the killer(s) and that they are firmly and severely punished.

After reading Devil's Knot, it is difficult to believe the incarcerated are guilty, and it is frightening to think that the police -- and the jury -- believed Misskelley's confession. I pray for the victims' families first but also for DNA evidence to be considered to assure the guilt or absolve the West Memphis Three. That much is owed to all of those involved.

David Plunkett


To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing Bianca Phillips' article on the West Memphis Three. I ran out and bought Devil's Knot as soon as I finished the article. I have read half the book, and it is utterly saddening. There is so much more in the book than I ever knew existed about the case. I have been shocked. I have cried. To think that we live in a country that can convict people based on what they wear, what they believe, and what they read is completely sickening.

I still remain hopeful that somehow Damien, Jessie, and Jason will be able to live their lives free of prison -- and gross injustice. And I hope Mara Leveritt's book will possibly start a process to correct this tragedy.

Amy Jo Hampton


Dismal Treatment?

To the Editor:

I was not surprised to learn of the dismal treatment of the artists organization Artists' Link and Sara Good at Arts in the Park (City Reporter, November 7th issue). Two years ago, I showed work in the invitational exhibition at the festival. I was shocked and insulted by the unprofessional way I and my work were treated and the careless attitude of those involved in producing the event.

As with many of the arts events I've been to and participated in in Memphis, art and artists are treated like background props for social events and entertainment, perhaps a step above the hired help. Too many of the people running arts organizations and serving on their boards are there for social reasons and have little understanding of art or the requisite professionalism.

I would urge all serious artists in Memphis to stop participating in such events until art and artists are treated with professionalism and respect.

Lawrence Jasud


Detroit City

To the Editor:

I want to thank Paul Gerald for his "Burned Out" article about Detroit (Travel, October 31st issue). I've always thought the Flyer would never do a travel article on Detroit. But Gerald called my bluff, and I'm glad he did.

It's nice to see the spirit of community cooperation shining in my old hometown, a town where citizens leave, never to return (like me), and outsiders are loath to visit. Devil's Night used to be an excuse to "TP" the neighbor's tree, soap car windows, or throw eggs at the teacher's house. But when those kids grew up, Devil's Night became an excuse to commit more adult crimes, such as arson. Now, it appears responsible citizens are setting an example of accountability in Motown. I'm happy to see somebody still cares about Detroit, and thanks to the Flyer for bringing it to me.

Matt Kuligowski


Our Only Hope

To the Editor:

Let's hope the state gets the new lottery system set up soon, because with the Republicans in control of all three branches of the federal government, our only hope for survival will be to strike it rich.

Bruce Ralston


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