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Fly On the Map

To the Editor:

The "Fly On the Wall" (April 10th issue) comment regarding the father of Lisa Marie Presley was tasteless and uncalled for. The poor boy from Tupelo, Mississippi, who became the great Elvis Presley made mistakes like any human being, and he isn't here to defend himself. Elvis chose to live in Memphis, and because of him thousands of people come to this city every year to celebrate his all-too-short life. And they spend a lot of money here. How about some respect and loyalty for this great entertainer and humanitarian? Elvis put Memphis on the map!

June Robertson


The Right to be Biased

To the Editor:

Bruce Selcraig's sports column "Shooting for Peace" (April 3rd issue) is as biased as the writer he was criticizing (Skip Bayless), but they both have that right. It's a right given to them in blood by my brothers in arms. I am a Southern white boy who marched with Dr. King, boycotted with Cesar Chavez, marched for women's rights, marched for Poland's solidarity, and would go to war and die for either of the writers in question.

Steve Nash has the right, even as a visitor, to speak his mind. And I have a right to disagree and boycott him and you.

William E. Scott Sr.



To the Editor:

The hubris of the Bush administration is extraordinary. Their seeming sense of entitlement to order the affairs of the world and promote an American empire is similar to the expansionist dreams of the old Roman empire. Using the military as his own personal "storm troopers" with the acquiescence of a Congress afraid of public backlash and abrogating its duties under the Constitution to stand firm as the sole dispensers of "war powers," this president has seized upon a popular uprising of self-righteous cookie-cutter moralists to reorder the world in his image.

By disposing of dictators who have the means to develop weapons of mass destruction but not necessarily the will to use them, they unknowingly promote the visions of their own potential dictator instead of upholding the requirements set forth in the Constitution. This president, who is bound by law to uphold the law, routinely violates it at his whim by ordering assassinations of suspected terrorists, holding American citizens in prison without benefit of legal council, and promoting a systematic downgrading of laws protecting Americans from illegal searches and seizures. How long will it be before the Bush supporters put a crown on his head and then turn around and brand his critics as enemies of the state?

Bush has crossed the Rubicon of world opinion. Will the world praise him or bury him? I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time), but I believe he will wind up in the omelet shop along with his egghead advisers, Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Wolfowitz, Cheney, and all their ditto-head groupies.

I am not a liberal; I hate liberalism. I am a patriotic troop-supporting American citizen and native Texan, like George Bush (although he was only raised there). I am also a conservative, evangelical Christian, born-again by faith in the substitutionary death, burial, and resurrection of my savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. But as you can see, my brain has not been put in neutral or programmed by a bunch of right-wing fundamentalist spoon-fed Republican fanatics.We're out here (conservatives against Bush policy), but so far our voices have been ignored.

Joe Spitzer


To the Editor:

Quite a few human beings are dead now (hundreds, perhaps thousands), rotting in the ground, because our appointed president would not wait for the Hans Blix team of inspectors to continue their search for "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq.

Bush, in his very best imitation of John Wayne ("48 hours for Saddam to get out of town"), decided that the Iraqi invasion required a hurry-up process like the Florida vote count did. We now know how democratic factions in Germany felt when Hitler told the world opinion to screw itself and then ordered the Wehrmacht to invade European nations one by one to exterminate "evildoers."

One bright note on the American economy: The body-bag business is booming and this invasion will give our weapons-of-war industry a real boost.

One question, please. I know that our leader's followers tear to shreds anyone who dares question anything he says or does. Un-American! Unpatriotic! Because I served in the Naval Air Corps during World War II, will that help mitigate charges against me? Or will John Ashcroft's secret police still come take me away?

Bob Honore


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