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To the Editor:

Kudos to John Branston for his investigative work in exposing the Tri-State Defender's plagiaristic reporting (City Beat, April 17th issue). One would have to assume that nothing they print is original or believable.

Joe Mercer


Comic Relief

To the Editor:

I appreciate the humor your "Fly on the Wall" has shown by poking fun at our local upper-class magazine, Elite Memphis (April 17th issue). While the magazine does provide some comic relief, it does more harm than good to our fair city. The problems with such self-important journalism are numerous. The egotism displayed in this magazine adds to the racial and class struggles that have plagued this city for decades.

When one small group of Memphians declares itself superior, what are the rest of us to think? Most people conclude that they are not elite and thus unimportant to the life of this city. Nothing could be further from the truth. Memphis' strengths lie in the unsung heroes, our neighbors, the people who pay their taxes without complaint and those who selflessly strive to improve our community.

By publishing the exploits of our "social superiors," Elite Memphis is contributing to the widening rift that has always been present in this city. I have lived here long enough to know that many of our city's problems are caused by the snobby narcissism so blatantly displayed in this magazine.

We should all examine our motives and decide to do what we can to improve our community. In the case of "elite" Memphians, this may mean losing their egos for more than five minutes and contributing to our community without wondering on which page their picture will be published.

Matthew Hrutkay Memphis

Rumsfeld is a Great Man

To the Editor:

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld continues to send shock and awe throughout the liberal elite community. During his daily briefings with reporters he exhibits the tenacity of a pit bull while balancing it with the straightforwardness of the Gipper.

The State Department, characterized by old men with old ideas, has been effectively rendered as irrelevant as the United Nations by Rummy's arsenal of explosive ideas. The axis of appeasement -- France, Russia, and Germany -- perceives our secretary of defense as the embodiment of Ronald Reagan. He would not hesitate to pick up the red phone.

Even Secretary of State Colin Powell eventually succumbed to Rumsfeld's persuasive powers.

The violent, socialistic, anti-troops, anti-Bush protesters live in utter fear that Rummy will usher in WWIII. In stark contrast, Rumsfeld is revered and loved by a nation that is finally experiencing freedom: Iraq.

George W. Bush early on demonstrated his keen ability to surround himself with great men of principle. Donald Rumsfeld is one of those men.

Tony Barba


Loves Downtown

To the Editor:

I absolutely love downtown Memphis. I attend sporting events, dine in downtown restaurants, and enjoy walking on the riverfront. The new Peabody Place and the various spots on Beale Street are wonderful, but in my opinion there needs to be more in order to make Memphis a true destination city. We lack the type of attractions that could appeal to the masses on a daily basis.

A possibility I think could work in downtown Memphis is some sort of mega-retail and entertainment complex -- a Mall of America-type venue, if you will. I recently read an article describing the plans for a facility called Destiny USA near Syracuse, New York. When finished, Destiny USA would be the nation's largest retail and entertainment complex. A venue of this magnitude would be ideal for Memphis given its central location. The possible residual effect of this could be added hotels near the complex which could lead to more conventions and high-profile events such as an NBA All-Star game. I think the city should start thinking big.

Anthony White


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