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On the One Hand

To the Editor:

"Unmitigated gall" indeed. I'm very disappointed that you chose to publish the reckless and ill-informed letter from David Singelyn in your May 8th edition.

The info regarding President Bush's alleged Guard duty-dodging comes from a laughable Web site reached at AwolBush.com. The "evidence" on the site does not come close to supporting their claims. In fact, it contains a document saying that Bush was in "non-flying" training after a job-related move out of Texas during the period in question.

Comparing Pravda to the current American network and cable news giants is absurd on its surface as well as at its greatest depth. No additional comment is necessary.

With regards to his claim that Bush is proposing "$550 billion in tax cuts to corporations," it does deserve further comment as it is intended to be a statement of fact. It is an absolutely false statement that is not subject to individual interpretation. It's all over the place in black and white. As Singelyn said, "Do the math."

It's your paper and I understand that we won't be seeing any pieces from William Bennett anytime soon as he's too busy gambling to write anyway. However, please do not clutter your limited Postscript page with bizarre, absolutely unsupportable ravings. I enjoy the intelligent liberal letters much more and actually learn from them on occasion.

Lee Roberts



To the Editor:

Will someone please pass legislation to give Bush a petty-cash drawer? He spends "Our Money" faster than Bill Bennett on a Double-Diamond slot in Vegas.

I hate to bring this unpatriotic thing up, but was the carrier landing really necessary? If he's going to do it, why not go for the gold? I think he should have skydived onto the deck. His approval rating would have gone off the charts. At least his dad waited until after Gulf War I to pull the rip cord. But I guess George 43 needs the immediate adulation of the crowd to prove himself his equal. I'm sure no one would boo him at these staged political events. Their paychecks would get lost in the mail for the next 20 years.

I can hardly wait to see Bush's next barnstorming extravaganza. Does the space shuttle have a jump seat? The American people could recoup some of the money from this latest stunt by letting some of Bush's friends paint their corporate logos on the sides of the shuttle like city buses do. Then if he decides to take advantage of this great photo-op, he could beam satellite photos of him[self] holding up a sign from the space station saying, Your Money Is My Money, Get Over It!!!! Then while riding into the wild blue yonder on your dime, he could have John Ashcroft begin planning another government department called "The Department of HomelandWaste." He could then merge all the other departments that squander "Your Money." The General Accounting Office would love the overtime, and it would stimulate the economy by putting more unemployed accountants to work.

I hope Bush is collecting frequent-flyer miles. His gas bills alone could pay the national debt of a small country. I assume he still stops by the White House periodically to kiss the dog, entertain an obscure coalition partner, or sign another $80 billion appropriations bill.

To tell you the truth (something which is in short supply in the Bush administration), this latest political grandstanding wasn't meant to honor the troops. It was meant to honor Bush. And therefore it was a dishonor to the presidency. It seems as if dishonoring the office of the president has become standard operating procedure for our chief executives. A little humbleness and common sense would go a long way in restoring that honor.

I agree with your viewpoint writer Ed Weathers (May 8th issue) about acting one's age. It's okay to act like a kid sometimes but not when you have access to the nuclear button.

Joe Spitzer


Save the Arts

To the Editor:

I am saddened to see that once again the U of M is cutting back on the arts (City Reporter, May 8th issue). As a taxpayer I am certainly aware that we all have to tighten our belts, including the U of M. But the arts always seem to be the first to go.

I'd be very interested in seeing a comparison of expenditures and cutbacks in the arts versus the sports programs covering the last 10 years or so. Maybe some of us who love the arts should take some of those physical self-improvement classes offered in the continuing-education catalog, get buff and tough, and learn how to go head-to-head with the sports enthusiasts in our community.

June Gadberry


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