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To the Editor:

The limelight recently enjoyed by both Tom II and PETA (City Reporter, October 30th issue) has given me pause. I have been vegetarian for 21 years and fashionably leather-free for nearly as long because I cannot justify to myself the unnecessary killing of any animals to make my life easy. In that, I am in concert with the principles of PETA, though their strategies have been impossible for me to embrace.

The protests of PETA's Amy Rhodes about the inhumane treatment of the U of M mascot make me question priorities once again. Tom seems to be the least abused of any captive animal recently publicized and seems also not to be dissatisfied with his current life. Why does PETA choose Tom's cause?

Where is PETA if they are not on the front steps of our own animal "shelter," where vagrant, wandering, and merely lost animals are euthanized if no one claims them during their three-day reprieve after capture?

Where, in fact, are other, less radical animal-lovers?

Greg Stidham


An Alternate Universe?

To the Editor:

I enjoy reading the Flyer, because it is so nice to see a publication not afraid to point out that sometimes something's not right in the "land of the free." But when I saw the letter from Rob Ikard (October 30th issue), I was compelled to write. Perhaps, in an alternate universe, George W. Bush will be remembered as one of our greatest presidents, but hopefully that universe only exists in Ikard's head.

As evidence mounts of the deception that Bush used to get us into a war that has finally achieved what Osama bin Laden wanted, maybe Americans will stop responding like slack-jawed zombies to Bush's lies. His energy policies are destroying the country, people's rights are being trampled upon, and no one is feeling any safer.

And by the way, President Clinton won the 1992 election by 68.8 percent of the electoral vote and the 1996 election by 70.4 percent. Bush, on the other hand, in an election stolen by the Supreme Court, was still only able to muster 50.4 percent of the electoral vote. And that's including Florida, the state where his brother Jeb governs. Gore won the popular vote.

After losing by a corrupt whisker, you're damn right we're still mad. Hopefully, 2004 is the year we get even.

Mary Mitchel


Dehumanizing Palestinians

To the Editor:

Between September 1972 and October 2003, there have been 37 U.N. resolutions critical of Israel on a range of issues. Every single resolution was vetoed by the U.S.A.

Since the creation of the Zionist state in May 1948, the U.S. has sent nearly $100 billion to Israel. Israel is one of three countries that hasn't signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and Israel has forbidden inspections of its nuclear facilities.

Then there is the issue of the so-called security fence (Viewpoint, October 23rd issue). Israel says it's for its security and safety. Its real purpose is to dehumanize the Palestinians even more!

It really amazes me that supporters of the Zionist state claim that Israelis are the victims and the Palestinians are the aggressors in this long, bitter conflict. Palestinians are fighting for their land, their dignity, and their right to self-determination.

Omar Amer


Another Failed War

To the Editor:

In the last 50 years, the United States has not declared war on another country. Oh, we have invaded a few and bombed the crap out of some others, but not declared war.

We have declared war, though, on poverty and on drugs. And we have not made the tiniest dent in those problems. After decades of the War on Poverty, the number of poor people in this country is approaching numbers not seen since the Depression. Meanwhile, the resident of the White House continues to give tax cuts to the rich.

After decades of the War on Drugs, inmates on death row can still get drugs, yet we spend billions every year on the fantasy that we can keep them from crossing our borders.

Now we have declared the War on Terror. The wars on poverty and drugs have yielded nothing but huge bureaucracies, official corruption, bad foreign policy, loss of national prestige, massive debt, and failure.

Why should we expect any better this time?

Michael B. Conway


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